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''Twas the Night Before School

Updated on August 19, 2013

'Twas the night before school

And all through the house

There was chaos and dysfunction

And the cat chased a mouse

The children all scrambled

The homework to complete

Although they had all summer

Now a time crunch to beat

The school clothes are clean

And laid out to be worn

I know we will be rushed

And running late in the morn

The fees are all paid

And the lunches are packed

Supplies have been bought

Now it's money I lack

I'm hoping for As

Throughout their reports

preparing for college

scholarship money and sorts

Fall is near

the days will be short

That reminds me of football

It's our most favorite sport

Halloween ever so close

The costumes we'll wear

Its always great fun

And the candy we share

Next thing you know

Turkey we shall eat

And give thanks up above

As family and friends come to meet

The air will turn cold

And snow falls on the ground

Christmas is here

There's peace all around

Roses and candy

Kisses so true

are shared with Valentine's

and young love is new

Spring flowers in bloom

St. Pats day is here

We all dress in green

And adults drink green beer

Easter bunny brings baskets

of eggs colored bright

We fast and we pray

and in God we delight

Its that time again

Another school year has past

The season changed now

And it's summer at last


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