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Newborn Multiples and Twins, Your Survival Guide To The Second Month

Updated on August 1, 2015

You and Your Twins Made it Through the First Four Weeks, Now What ?

Congratulations, you've made it through the first four weeks with your twins but are you wondering what the second month has in store for you and your bundles of joy ? You should be noticing things are getting a little easier now. The first couple weeks tend to be a blur as you are recuperating from giving birth, learning how to feed your baby's whether breast or bottle feeding and your baby's are getting into a routine.

So the second month is full of new milestones. Although your baby's are still fragile, the worry of dropping them or holding them wrong should be passed now. You've gotten used to changing their little bottoms and are a pro now. Your strength should also be back up and your almost out of the postpartum time frame of four to six weeks.

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What to Expect From the Second Month With Your Twins

As you enter the second month with your twins you may get to put to use some of the things you may not have gotten to use a whole lot yet. As you've probably already noticed, each baby has his or her own personality and likes and dislikes. With mine, one is quite active and the other one is extremely laid back.

This effects what they like to do in their awake time. For your laid back bundle, he/she will be happy taking long naps as well as sitting in a bouncy seat. For an active bundle, he/she will enjoy lots of holding time and eye contact. As well as a swing with a mobile hanging from it. Their vision will start to get more pronounced and they will begin to make out shapes, especially black and white ones.

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Sleeping Patterns For Two Month Old Twins

Every parent anticipates their baby sleeping through the night. When you have two baby's that desire is even stronger. The reasoning is because we would like to maybe get just a little sleep. There's really no way to get twins on the same sleeping or eating schedule. I thought I would be able to do that, but found out pretty quickly it wasn't going to happen.

Some baby's will sleep through the night from birth, others will wake up every 3-4 hours to eat even through the night. Unfortunately, there's really no black and white answer. To make it a little easier, have bottles prepared before night time so if you have to grab one you're not fumbling around trying to make one. If your breastfeeding it's quite easy, just put your baby to the breast.

Advise for Mom of Two Month Old Twins

Now that you're feeling better you still want to get cat naps when you can. Don't worry about the small things. If your shelf doesn't get dusted or clothes need to be folded, don't worry about it.

You can drive yourself crazy just thinking about all the things that your behind on. Enjoy the moments with your bundles of joy. Even though you'll still have moments of crazyness, know that you are doing great !

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Start Exercising After Giving Birth

One of the best things I've found that really help me was starting around 4-5 weeks after giving birth I starting exercising. I started out small, just walking at first. I would load the twins up in their double stroller and out we would go.

You'll feel refreshed and maybe run into a neighbor or two who want to see the twins and chat a little. It's amazing how it really helps to do this ! Don't start on a crazy work out routine, you're still healing and your hormones are still working on leveling out.


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