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Violent Anger: An Article to Hand to Someone Who Needs It

Updated on March 30, 2012

Violent Anger

Someone who cares about you has given you this article because your anger problem is out of control. If you find that you cannot ‘turn off’ your anger long enough to read this article, or that you get angry as you read it, then I would predict that within the next five to ten years you will: have contact with the police, perhaps make a trip to jail, harm someone you love physically and emotionally, harm a stranger, or find yourself in a treatment center against your will.

You are a person who likely tends to deny that they have a violent anger problem; but everyone around you knows that you do. You probably blame your anger on other people, and say that other people cause you to become angry. You also probably say that the anger behaviors that you do are the ‘fault’ of the person you are angry with.

You have already hurt the feelings of the people who care about you, and who you may care about. You have also frightened the same people. They may already be thinking about altering or even ending their relationship with you.

People who have violent anger problems like yours can become people who beat their children, their spouse, or their parents. This is called ‘domestic abuse’ and can put the abuser in jail. If you have physically abused anyone yet, the level of your current anger makes that a real possibility. The person who has given you this article is encouraged to press legal charges against you if you do harm them.

Because people with this level of anger deny that they have a problem, you probably refuse to get any help with it. Many people with your kind of violent anger only get help once they have harmed someone and are in serious trouble, but then it’s too late to avoid the consequences of their violent anger. If you have not harmed anyone yet, you probably also make promises to the people in your life that you would never hurt them.

Don’t kid yourself; you have a problem with violent anger and it’s only a matter of time before you get into very big trouble because of it. This article is intended as an effort to get you to take responsibility and get the help you need to end your violent anger problem.

You probably have tried to control your violent anger at different times in your life, but it keeps coming back, doesn’t it? You cannot wish away or ‘be strong’ enough to keep it from happening. What you need is to get treatment from a professional counselor in order to learn to stop your violent anger.

The person who gave you this article is encouraged to keep a copy of it and send it to you again, each time you suffer the consequences of not getting help for your violent anger problem.

You have only a few choices, really. Continuing your violent anger can land you in only three places: alone in the world because everyone has gotten sick of your anger behaviors and have left you, in jail for a violent crime, or dead.

There is hope, and your violent anger can be treated. But you have to first admit to the problem, and then take responsibility to get treatment.


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    • profile image

      Diane 7 years ago

      I agree. I have a problem with violent anger. Always toward my elderly Mom. I hit her, try to strangler her all for silly reasons. My sister will tell me to stop, but then I go after her. But, my sister has taken self defense classes, and I usually get my just desserts with her. So, I never lay hands on my sister.

      I have no reason under the Sun to treat my Mom the way I do. No reason at all. Yes, I have said I hit my Mom because I am angry at me. What a lie, I hit because I am so angry I do not know how to handle myself.

      There have been times I have gone after her dog,and I love that dog dearly. I love my Mom dearly. But, I see for some insane reason love as a weakness, and anger as strength. How foolish can I be.

      My sister said she would like to call the authories on me, but know she will have no one to help her take care of Mom.

      I am seeing a therapist, and taking anxiety drug, but so far my violent anger get the best of me.

      I am in desperite need to some in your face help.