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Ways of Life

Updated on April 10, 2013

Family pics

taking them places I have never been to
taking them places I have never been to | Source
dying from the bad choices he has made in his life but we all love him
dying from the bad choices he has made in his life but we all love him | Source

American Me

Hello fellow hub writers and readers, I was thinking of some things in my life and just wanted to share them with some.

The other day my daughter and I were talking about the different eras in the past century and she stated the different times she would have like to been born. She said one of the times she would have like to have seen was the 1950's-1960's the grease era! I told her in our culture it was called the zoot suit days, and I doubt that she would have like that time at all. She is strong headed individual with a lot of heart and she is proud to be a Mexican/American, therefore she probably would have hated that time. Actually my dad and older siblings were around at those times and I know a lot about their history growing up as a Mexican-American in East Los Angeles and a lot of discrimination that went on in that time.

Coincidentally I was browsing through netflix and I came across the movie American Me and I thought to myself this would be a good movie for her to see because it reflects a lot of the things my family went through back in those days I can't say that I am proud of those things but it is reality and it was what it was.

In this time of my life I live in an area now that is totally different from the area I grew up in. Even though I live in a mobile home park because that is what I can afford to live in because the homes in this side of town are very expensive due to this is one of the places that has number one school's in the nation and is one of the cities that has the lowest crime rates in California. My daughter says she doesn't like living in a mobile home and wishes we can live in a real home (don't we all) and I tried to explain to her how good she has it compared to many others out there in the world especially very much better than I, her grandma, great-grandma and so on has ever had it!

Growing up I had made dumb choices that I had to learn the hard way from. I made it hard for my mom because my dad died when I was only fourteen years old and my mom had to work all the time, and believe me I took advantage of that like most teenagers would. To make a longer story short I am now in my thirties and I have made a lot of changes in my self and in my life for my two beautiful little girls. I am re-married to a wonderful man who loves me and my girls (who are not his kids biologically). I am having his first child which is a boy and I can actually say I so love my life right now. I have been faithfully going to church for almost a year and have deepened my relationship with the Lord and I know this why my life feels so complete.

Moreover as I read the bible and feed my soul with the holy scriptures it gives me wisdom that is so true and pure unlike the wisdom that I learned in the streets growing up and the negative ways I learned from my family. I can't say I wish I didn't know those ways because it has taught me a lot of things about the different ways of life and now as I am trying to live my life for the better it helps me to understand those different ways and not to be judgemental! However I am sure that is why I work on myself and my life because I don;t ever want it to go back to the way it was when I was younger and I diffenitely don't want my kids' to know that kind of life!


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