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Ways to study effectively

Updated on September 24, 2015
Padmajah Badri profile image

A freelance writer,academic consultant,HR manager with a passion for writing and reading.

Ways to study effectively.

When I went to my daughter's school, I met few anxious parents whose children were appearing for the board exams in India. The board exam is a pre qualifying exam to choose a particular stream of education like medicine or engineering in India. All of them were discussing on the number of hours their ward spends to study and they wanted to establish that their children are hard working. I was so curious to join their conversation as I felt that the parents are not aware of the difference between effective studying and reading.Honestly,the approach towards examinations in India is like read and write instead of learn and apply. This is a sad state where the young minds are not trained to study effectively. I asked the parents about their views on how their son or daughter plans their study and also tools used for studying. The only answer which I got was that he or she reads for long hours and is not sleeping properly during the exams. I was shocked as it was the common practice adapted by all the kids. Studies are of prime importance in today’s world. To make children study effectively is a challenging task for parents and the same requires considerable amount of patience and determination. Most of the children read books but they don’t LEARN which is due to lack of concentration and understanding of the concept.

Problem area

The major root cause for children getting irritated to study is presented in the form of psychological analogies as below

  • Too much of expectation from the parents and there is always a restriction on playing. The child is unable to balance his time between study and play as per his wish.

  • Parents often give constant reminders and triggers to study to children and that is prevalent across the globe and common irritant factor to kids. There is always an ardent focus of grades in examinations rather than knowledge sought. Hence parents should understand the child’s capability and then explore ways and means to help their children.

Tips for studying

Listen and Hear

This involves paying attention to the study matter, jotting down notes on syllabus, getting the doubts cleared by noting down and asking question seeking clarification on the same. This facilitates better understanding and improves the learning ability of the children.

Ace the home work

Home work is often regarded as an additional work but in reality. Home work is given to test the conceptual understanding and retention of facts and information. Using a planner will help in finishing the home work in a faster rate. Making a note about the progress of each work is important and the same should be done as soon as the work is assigned .It is also important that children need a comfortable .bright space to do the home work and study effectively.

Study effectively

Effectiveness is a parameter which should be measured quantitatively and realized qualitatively. It is advisable to divide the study material in to units and assign each unit a day. We has to encourage the kids to take a three day break before test .Effective studying can be achieved by studying in short bursts that is 15 minutes at a time, then a 5 minutes breathing exercise to refresh the energy levels and refocus on the study material.

Strategy to study effectively - SQRCRC method

SQRCRC is the most effectively, result oriented learning technique widely used across the learning globe.

S stands for Survey Headings, Introduction, Summarizing main ideas.

Q stands for “What do I hope to learn by reading this “.This is important strategy for attaining of self knowledge.

R stands for Read through for details.

C stands for Cover the work.

R stands for Recite what you have just read. This is of prime importance for memory retention and revision.

C stands for Check how well you have done. his leads to self appraisal and realizing the effectiveness of studying.

The above learning method will be a proven success if parents can teach their kids on the same.

Parent Support

  • Help your children to prepare a study schedule and review it together every morning. This practice enables the child to be confident and get prepared for the next task.

  • Create a special work environment that encourages best efforts like star trees, hall of fame boards, Motivational slogans, Appreciation signatures for your child to get in to study mode without any push from your end.

  • Main point is that the child should realize your involvement and interest in their academics and importance of schooling and learning.

Let’s try this out and achieve positive results through fun filled learning practice and help our children.


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    • Padmajah Badri profile imageAUTHOR

      Padmajah Badri 

      3 years ago from India

      Thanks Amber for your visit and useful tip.Appreciate your feedback .Yes any useful tip will be valuable to someone.Thank you

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      When I had a hard time studying, I listened to relaxing music like this . Though it is not what I would call my favourite music, I soon realised that it helps me concentrate for long periods. Even though I dont know what it does to my brain I will maintain this technique until I finished highschool. Maybe the link I posted can help someone else too.

    • gsn profile image


      3 years ago

      Many thanks for your tip. I will surely try with my son.

    • Padmajah Badri profile imageAUTHOR

      Padmajah Badri 

      3 years ago from India

      I tried few things with my daughter to increase her concentration and make her to listen to me ..Some of them are listening to an audio clipping and ask questions related to each other ..whoever answers the correct answer will get points ..believe me my daughter listened well to ask questions to me but now it has become a practice.Ask your son to talk about any topic that he has read in classroom ..This type of demonstrating exercise will help in improving listening skills ..Good luck for implementing the same

    • gsn profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks for your article. Will you please throw some light how make the wards to keep their track into listening rather than hearing.

      I am failing with my son ( who just entered in 10+2 - Higher Secondary Course) on the listening aspect in studies. But in other entertaining matters ( like Mobile Phone, TV etc,) he is completely listening.

      I want to inculcate the listening habit in studies too. Any good quick practical suggestions please.


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