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Ways to be a Happier Mom

Updated on May 26, 2010

Family life can be both challenging and rewarding for a mom. Sometimes it might seem like an endless life of catering to your family. So how can you become a better and happier mom? Is there a secret that happy mom’s know about? Can the rest of us moms tap into this happiness? Well there are just a few simple tricks to keeping you moms happy and ready to raise those precious kids of yours!

One of the first ways to help us moms get the happiest is to actually make time for you. It is one of those things that can be so hard to do when you are a busy mom. And if you are a mom with a small baby, it can feel like you are suffocating without anytime to yourself. Instead of continuing in this way, be sure to ask for help. If you are a mom that is nursing and have a small baby, the way to get “mommy time” is to take it. Ask your husband or relative to watch the baby for a half hour while you go pamper yourself. Pampering yourself can include taking a nice bubble bath, reading a good book, taking a walk, or anything else that will assist you in feeling like you are able to have breathing space for a moment.

Getting out with other mom’s that are going through the same issues as you with your children can be a life saver. Being able to relate to another woman that is going through the same can be wonderful to talk with. You can share ideas and experiences with each other. To be able to relate helps you to feel that you are not alone with the challenges of being a mom 24-7. To find these other like-minded moms, go to parks, play groups, and parenting groups. Speak with other parents and moms at your child’s school, whether it is at a school function or picking up your child at school. If you need some help with meeting other moms, go see a counselor or health nurse. They will have all of the information and times to get you planning for time out with moms.

Get on the same page with parenting your children with either your husband or partner. It is easier to parent a well behaved child and that makes moms much happier. Seek guidance if you need it. Use time outs, and get your “other half” participating with discipline. Just to know that you are not alone can help tremendously.

To be a happy mom involves no hidden secrets. It just takes patience and a wonderful support of family and friends, but above all, make time for you! Don’t put it off or feel guilty. Everyone needs to have space to ponder and enjoy peace. Don’t ever forget that you deserve it, it will literally make you a better and happier mom.


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    • Mama Kim 8 profile image

      Sasha Kim 5 years ago

      I love the part about getting on the same page as your spouse with parenting. This can be a huge cause of stress when you just don't see eye to eye. I know from experience that family life gets so much better when you sit down and make a parenting plan together... compromises have to be made but its way better than having parents on opposite pages.