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Teach Your Children Life Saving Skills

Updated on March 11, 2013

Child Diving Into Water


As soon as possible your child should learn important lifesaving skills. You and your child can benefit from learning these skills encase of emergencies. Learning these skills not only is life saving but great quality time spent with your child.

Teach Your Child Basic Driving Skills

I know it is against the law for a child to drive without a drivers license but wouldn't you rather get a ticket and save lives.

Any emergency could happen at anytime. Like a heart-attack,seizure ect...

I started out steering the steering wheel. I could not reach the pedals at age 6 but learned to steer the car and shift the gears. While sitting on my parents lap.

When I was tall enough I learned to use the pedals. My parents would take me to a secluded spot to practice driving.

My parent thought this was an important skill for me as a child to learn encase of an emergency. If there was no one else to take over the wheel.

Spending time with my parents learning to drive was one of my best memories.

Teach Your Child Their Full Name

Your child needs to learn their full name as soon as possible. You can start teaching your child as a toddler. The easiest way to teach your child is by referring to them with both first and last names. Also practice by asking them what their name is? Make sure they reply to you with both their first and last name do this on a regular bases.

Using Song to Teach Your Child His Name
By Katie

Katie will teach you how to teach your child to learn their full name. Even if your child has a speech problem. Katie has a blog with many posts on language skills. You will also find posts on sign language and lots of other parenting advice.

Child Should Learn Parents Full Name

Your child should know bother parents first and last names. If your child gets lost it is important they know your full name so someone can at least attempt to call you on your phone or over a loud speaker.

Your child can learn your first and last name the same way they learned their first and last name. It is very important to make your child tell you everyday what your first and last name is by asking them everyday until you are confidant the child will remember if asked by someone in a emergency situation or while lost.

Teach Child Your Phone Number

After your child learns their full name and your full name. You should teach them their phone number. Where you can be reached at all times. If your child is disabled or too young to learn phone numbers. You can purchase a wrist band with information encase you have to be reached.

You should not solely rely on a wrist identity band. You should put in the effort to teach your child regardless of wrist band because the wristband could get broken or lost.

Teach Your Children Emergency 911

You never know when your child might need to call 911. The sooner your child understands what an emergency is the better and how to call for help.

Use a fun play telephone to start with while they are toddlers. Even if toddler is not talking they are still learning how to take phone off the hook and put phone back on hook and learning to listen to the voice in the receiver.

They are also learning how to push the buttons. This will give them more confidence to talk on phone after learning to talk. You can play with your child with the toy phone while teaching them to talk on phone.

When friends and family call encourage your child to talk on phone. When they seem confident. Start letting your child dial and answer phone your real phone.

Teach Your Child to Call 911

The key to teaching your child to speak on the phone and call 911 is to practice with your child. Get some easy tips to get your child to understand what 911 is for and when to use 911 for emergencies.

Swimming Important Life Saving Skill

It's best if your child learns to swim as an infant or at the youngest age possible. The water feels like the womb and sounds like the womb. An infant will learn to swim quicker without fear than an older child. Older children are harder to teach to swim.

Free online Swimming Lessons

You can find swimming lessons in your area. If you're a good swimmer yourself but need tips to get your child over the fear of swimming. You can find great instructional videos. Swimming is also a great way to spend quality time with your child.

Swimming Life Saving Skill

Video Swimming Lessons

There is a series of videos to get you started. In the first video. Do you see how relaxed the toddler is with learning to swim and float. If yourself are in a bad situation if you can learn to stop swimming and turn over and float or your child this can save your life or your childs life.

This swimming technique allows you to rest if you have a long swim to safety. You can get out of under toes at the beach using this technique.


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