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What Is The Purpose of Having Kids?

Updated on December 8, 2018
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Why Have Kids?
Why Have Kids?

Kids, the mini version of us adults. Most of us have them (including me). But what exactly is the purpose of having kids? Why take on such a task which involves a lifetime of commitment. You have to be committed to loving them, and caring for them. Then of course you have many other commitments which fall under love and care such as; sheltering, protection, financial and health. This is not a gold fish we are talking about here. It is another human being which we may have to take care of for a good portion of our lives. But why do it? Why not go galavant and live your life childless and save all your money so you can enjoy life without all this commitment? Many people will tell you that kids are a bundle of joy to have, but what happens if that bundle of joy becomes a tsunami of pain? I have sat and questioned a few parents as it relates to why they have kids and these are the true to life honest response I have received. The responses will begin from the highest number to the lowest number. The lowest number being to top response given. So pop out your chocolate chip cookies, brew your special cup of coffee and enjoy these reasons why people have kids.

5. Play Part In Continuing Humanity

It seems like we have a lot of people who take their role in the continuation of humanity a very serious one. People have a fear that not enough humans are on the Earth and they see it fit to replenish the earth with us. They are committed to having kids to ensure that the cycle of the race continues just like any other species such as the chimpanzee, dog or cat. Without humans replenishing the earth with kids, human kind would dwindle and peobaby be wiped out by a species more into making little versions of themselves.

4. They Just Want One

This excuse of why you want a kid sounds like a spoiled child crying for box filled with nothing. The box has no use to the child but the child just wants it anyway. Many couples have no clue as to why they wanted a child. They just know that is what couples do. Couples want kids. Yeah, that just about sums it up. So basically it goes like this. "Hello Tom, Hello Jane. Aren't we couples?" "Let's get a kids!" The icing on the couples cake. The kid is just needed to tip the scale just a little bit

3. They Want Grandkids When They Get Old.

Some people admit that the sole reason why they have kids is that they want to have grandkids when they get old. Isn't that just a bit evil? Can you imagine a husband and wife laying on their bed planning their evil deed? "Honey, I love grandkids."

"Yeah me too."

"But how do we even get grandkids?"

"Simple, we just have kids and later they will give us grandkids."

"Good thinking Velma. Come, let's have kids."

2. They Want Their Legacy To Live On.

I don't know if the people I interviewed knows that legacy are for those people who have made a remarkable contribution to the benefit of society. I know many people will read this and say that we all are important to society because we all contribute in our own way. Yes, that maybe true but creating a telephone and wiping floors are two different things. A kid will have no legacy of you to carry on which no one will remember unless you have really done something great or the greatest at what you do. Everyone has to create their own legacy by their own accomplishments. Not by simply having kids.

1. Kids Are Their Pension

Many people say that having a kid is an investment. They say that the kid will be useful to them in their golden age as the child may have to take care of their health and even provide financial support. So these parents have a mindset that since they were taking care of the kid financially and any other way. When they are older the kid should set aside in his/her budget Mom and Dad care money. Well, it sounds like a good plan but not a solid one. You should not rely on your kids to help you financially when you get old as their are too much variables involved in this,

  • Your kid simply ends up turning their back on you.
  • The kid needs much more help than even you do.
  • The kid dies before you.

All these factors will cause heart wrenching pain in your "Kids are your Pension Plan."

Having kids
Having kids

Just Love Kids.

No matter the reason why you decide to have a child, when that child is conceived, that child must get and deserves all the love and support from parent(s). That child is apart of you physically and spiritually and eventually will grow up to be a strong member of society with great things to contribute. But if you do not have the means of caring for a child, meaning providing the basic necessities that any kid would need such as shelter, food, education and love. Then my friend having a child should be the last thing on your mind. As that child would be born into a deprived family and hence be deprived of things which helps a child to grow mentally stable. Remember, children are our future. Love them, care for them and keep the world moving.

© 2018 Clive Williams


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