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What Parents Must and Must Not Do?

Updated on June 7, 2017

10 Things That A Parent Must Do

  1. A parent must always show good example to their children despite their tiredness in their work.
  2. A parent must always provide quality time for their children even once a week. A simple bonding like playing in your backyard, singing together, watching movies together and other activities will surely make your children happy.
  3. You must teach them from their mistakes.
  4. A parent must be the best friends of their children. Every child needs someone to lean on. Why let your child lean on other person if you can?
  5. A parent must always boost confidence to their children by letting them participate in every activities that their child wants to join for this would improve their child's skills and talents.
  6. A parent must teach their children what is right from what is wrong.
  7. Always listen to your child. children love to tell stories especially if they show that their parents love to listen to their unlimited wacky stories.
  8. A parent is must always show that they are fair to their children in terms of everything they do.
  9. Always let your child experience new adventure that may spice up their life.
  10. Teach them to fear God. Above everything you must always teach your child that there is a God who is willing to listen to every problems and trials that we are in.

A mother teaching her child to pray
A mother teaching her child to pray

10 Things That A Parent Must Not Do

  1. Do not spoil your child.
  2. Do not say bad words in front of your children.
  3. Never let your anger decide as what you are going to do with your child especially if your intention is to punish him/her.
  4. Never let your child feel that he/she is alone .
  5. Do not punish or child unless you investigate the scenario well.
  6. Do not lie to your children.
  7. Never promise to a child if you know the fact that you can't do what your child wants you to do.
  8. Never quarrel if your child is in front of you.
  9. Do not make decisions for them. Consult your children first despite their age cause they can understand.
  10. Never let them feel that they are not part of your family even if your child is a trouble maker.


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    • tarroza06 profile image

      Allan Tarroza 6 months ago from Zamboanga City

      How I wish parent will really take care their children and never hurt them physically nor emotionally