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What Qualities Do Good Parents Possess?

Updated on December 11, 2013

Do You Know Good Parenting When You See It?

There are so many opinions on how to be a good parent or what makes a good parent and these opinions have so many variations. Who is right? Andy, Opie's father on the Andy Griffith Show, explains to his son that there are no rules for "pa's and sons." Each mother and father raises his boy or girl as he or she sees best.

I tend to agree with Andy's point of view. This does not mean that anything is ok, but what is best for my family may not be best for your family. Why not start with what you believe is beneficial for your children and what will make them successful, well manored, and likable children, teens, and adults. and then glean from other mediums.

Television is a great illustrator and mirror. Even though situations may be exaggerated or over dramatized they provide a look at how different styles of parenting affect the whole family and those around the family.

I have chosen several very different families from TV shows and I am asking the question: Who do you believe are the top 3 best parents? I would love to hear why in your comments.

I believe that all of these parents believe that they are being a responsible parent to their child.

Charles Ingalls, the father of three girls in the "Little House on the Prairie" series,
had to make a very difficult decision for his family. They lived in a place surrounded by family. They had a home and friends. But Mr. Ingalls saw very hard and unbearable times in their future if they stayed in the place that they called home.

He decided that they should seek out a better place for a good life. His wife, Caroline, agreed even though she knew that there would be many bleak and discouraging days between their leaving the existing home and their settling in the new home.

Children are not always able to see the possibilities of the future. As parents it may be necessary to make very difficult decisions inspite of objection and great challenges.

Enforcing the unpopular rule is the parenting skill that Andy Taylor, the father on the "Andy Griffith Show," had to exercise. Andy's son wanted to be treated the same as another boy, a new friend whose father had different rules about how his son earns money.

When Andy is presented with this new option he explains to his son, without tearing down the other parent, that each parent can choose the rules for their family and the rules that he had already made were the rules that his family would follow.

Taking a back seat to other people's views is not a strong suit of Archie Bunker, the father on "All in the Family." Archie believes that as a parent he should impose his belief's on his daughter and her husband. He demands that the parents of his grandchild follow his beliefs and customs. His words can be harsh and condescending. He intends for his demands to be met.

His goal is not to be mean but he believes that his choices are the best choices for his family inspite of what they think.

Television Parents

In Your Opinion Who Is The Best Parent?

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    • sybol profile image

      sybol 4 years ago

      Thank you kidscrafts, Your comment goes along with that which is illustrated on the Cosby Show and the Little House on the Prairie. I agree. Love is the most important.

    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 4 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      I don't know all the sitcom as I was not raised in North America and my parents didn't have a television. I think the most important is to love your children and talk and explain to them your decisions. Another thing is to set a good example as adults and also bounderies.

      Great subject.... with as many answers as there are parents :-)

    • prektjr.dc profile image

      Debbie Carey 4 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA

      It's hard to choose. All of them are great patterns for good parenting. The number one ingredient that is essential is love. With love and a great relationship with God, any thing is possible!