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What Should I Bring to the Hospital When I Give Birth?

Updated on June 29, 2019

What to expect

Expecting a new baby can be very overwhelming and you may be unsure of what to bring to the hospital for your stay. You should bring enough items to stay for at least two days. Depending on your babies health, you may have to pack for a longer stay. The hospital will provide most of the necessities for your baby such as

  • diapers
  • wipes
  • 1 hat
  • baby wash
  • baby lotion
  • bulb suction (nasal aspirator)
  • hospital outfit
  • hospital blankets (some hospitals will let you take a baby blanket if you ask)
  • ready to use formula
  • mesh panties
  • pads
  • diaper bags sponsored by formula companies
  • rectal thermometer
  • bottles
  • pacies
  • a squeeze water bottle to clean your area

Thank goodness for hospitals who help you save money. Diapers are not cheap when you have to buy them quite often.

"Take all the freebies you can get."

What to bring for the baby?

Since the hospital will provide the majority of items you will need for baby, you will not have to bring an immense amount of items. Here is what you might want to bring for the baby.

  • clothing for pictures (if you are going to take pictures. What mother doesn't?)
  • clothing to take your baby home in
  • 2 or 3 extra outfits (just in case the baby spits up or has an oopsie)
  • extra baby blankets (just in case the baby decides to spit up)
  • extra pacies (If you are going to use them)
  • do not forget socks for your little one's toes (babies get cold so easily)
  • extra baby hats (they can get lost very easily)
  • bibs or burp cloths
  • baby's back facing car seat

Unless you think of anything else, then this should be everything you need for your newborn baby.

"Bring plenty of things for your baby, as he or she may spit up."

What to bring for mommy?

You will probably need to bring more things for yourself than you will for baby. What should you pack in a personal hospital bag?

  • Pack loose clothing. You are not going to want anything tight around your stomach or down there. I would choose a loose t-shirt and pajama pants. I'm sure you are not going to want anyone to see the huge pad your wearing. Make sure to pick out pajamas, and take home clothing for yourself. You just had a baby, there's no need to get all dressed up.
  • Travel-sized hygiene. Make sure to bring shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and hair supplies if needed. If you do not want to mess with your hair then just bring a hair tie. You are going to want to take a shower after giving birth. The doctors will not let you take a regular bath. The closest thing you will get to a bath is a sitz bath. A sitz bath can be your best friend.
  • socks
  • slip-on shoes so you will not have to walk on the cold hospital floor
  • regular shoes to go home in unless you would rather wear your slip-on shoes.
  • A blanket or shawl if you are going to be walking around, which will be recommended by the nurses.
  • toothpaste and toothbrush
  • hairbrush
  • sports bra to keep from milk leakage
  • breast pads

That should sum up the majority of items that you will need.

"Slip-on shoes will keep your feet from getting cold."

Daddy needs a hospital bag too!

We can not forget about dad! He had a hand in this as well. Dad may not need as much as mommy and baby, but he will still need some items.

  • pajamas
  • 2 sets of pants, shirts, underwear, and socks
  • I'm, sure he won't forget his shoes, but just in case
  • travel-sized hygiene, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrush
  • hairbrush or comb

That should be all daddy will need.

"We can't forget daddy."

Safety Hazard

On a side note

Here are a few things that you do not need to bring but are optional.

  • make-up, you do not need to get all dolled. You just had a baby, nobody cares what you look like
  • a flat iron or curling iron, just put your hair up

Warning: Please whatever you do. Do not put a baby on board sign anywhere on or near your vehicle as this could bring on pedophiles who may follow your vehicle. Please be safe.

Are you ready for your newborn?

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