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5 Ways You Can Celebrate Father's Day!

Updated on June 20, 2020
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Dylan Parado is currently studying as a second year student in the Faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Santo Tomas in line with health.

To All The Fathers Out There...

First of all, I'd like to take this moment to greet all the fathers out there in the world by saying Happy Father's Day! With the biggest respects given, I thank you all for everything you have given to us. From time and on, you've worked and bled for your family's safety even by going against the world. For all I know, as a son, those acts can never be repaid. Your endearment and infinite love towards your families can only be appreciated, for there is no greater entity than the love of a father.

Things To Do on Father'S Day!

Father's Day is a special day to proclaim our father's unending support and immortal love. It is a day where fathers can spend some time as well with their family and simply have an amazing time. In the modern world, not many people have the luxury of having time, so as to say, busy. Often than not, fathers are usually overloaded with burdensome work. After a day of work, there is nothing more beautiful than a good night's sleep but no. You think fathers are just gonna rest up and cuddle with their beds? No. They have the big responsibility of taking care of their children and even though at a tired state, they will spend every single second just to see their children smile. Besides the father's work, children often go to school whole day and coming back home late and no time as well since assignments and school works are to follow. So today, to make every second count, here are some activities you can do with your dad and your whole family to celebrate Father's Day!

Go to an art gallery or museum

Going to an art gallery or museum is one of the simplest ways I could think of when celebrating Father's Day. It's perfect for those who wants to enjoy art and liberate their minds from the digital world. Looking at history or art itself brings back a taste culture. Just something from a painting fills up your emotions and allows you to see the perspective of the artist and how the art was made. Artifacts as well give a sense of tradition, as they usually symbolize bittersweet memories of the past and reminds us to treasure what we have - just like our fathers.

One of the monuments of Rizal in the Philippines - Rizal Shrine
One of the monuments of Rizal in the Philippines - Rizal Shrine

Drive by the coast or go on roadtrips

Road trips are perfect for those adventurers! Even simply by driving downtown and enjoying the cityscape provides an alternate vibe of freshness instead of staying at home. Road trips are the world's expression or method of saying "there is so much to explore". In all honesty, sitting up at your computer when there's a big world to discover is a bit tad of the spirit. Usually when we celebrate Father's Day, we usually drive by the coast and just have a look there. Seeing the peaceful yet busy ocean, smelling the salty and nitric smell of the ocean breeze. To reply back at the world, exploring is a simple way of saying "Thank you".

Eat outside

Now who would not want to spend time eating outside? Restaurants are usually the go-to-place of the family when a special day is marked. Nothing beats a full stomach! Growing up as a Filipino, we hold special traditions of serving up food WHENEVER there are celebrations. When preparations are short, we usually celebrate at cafes, restaurants, fast-food chains, or whatever eateries are available out there. As I've said, nothing beats a full stomach (Well, of course not to overeat as well). Furthermore, our tradition of having a "salo-salo" usually happens during "merienda" or dinner time. It is where magic takes place. You know why? It is the time where we get to share stories about what happened during the day and the time where we could cherish how we have each other. Going away from the background, eating outside or inside is your preferences. The most important thing is cherishing the bond you have with your father or your family.

My family and I spending Christmas after eating at a mall
My family and I spending Christmas after eating at a mall

Go to Church together

Having a Christian background, my father used to tell me that going to church on special occasions are, if not, the best. Thanking God and fulfilling holy mass are one of the things you can do to spend quality time with each other. At our school, we are taught about how faith connects us. As my teachers have said, family is the basic unit of the Church. Indeed but it is not only seen as the smallest but the foundation of Church itself. Properly nurturing the Faith through Sunday masses and fulfilling your obligations as to what you believe in helps promote inner peace as well as a sense of mission. I am not here to lecture on the Church but all I can say is that in the simplest way possible, you will have quality time with your family. No argument with that.

Sta. Perpetua Parish - where we go to church
Sta. Perpetua Parish - where we go to church

Spend quality time at home

Now, with regards to the COVID-19 situation, staying at home is the best enlisted here. Why not spend quality time with your dad by sharing stories or even play video games with him? (Plus, you also avoid catching the virus). However bad it may seem, we have no choice but to follow quarantine rules wherever we are. Among the enlisted here, I recommend sticking to this since it eliminates the possibility of contacting the virus. With that said, there are many ways you can enjoy Father's Day at home. You can play video games with your dad, share and tell stories, cook up something delicious, watch movies together on Netflix. Clean the house together, bathe the dogs, reminisce those old album pictures you have. I can go on and on with the list but the point is, spending some quality time with your dad.

You are appreciated, Dad
You are appreciated, Dad

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