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What are indigo kids?

Updated on March 22, 2011
innocent or maladaptive?
innocent or maladaptive?

It is not uncommon for people to often fear or even label things they do not quite understand as being different and belonging to a completely different category. One such concept is that of 'indigo kids' who have been touted to be something unique and special for different reasons. Some say these are psychic kids, others claim these children have supernatural powers. Still others call these kids unmanageable and as being born with a feeling of being above the rest. This term has been derived from New age philosophies developed by Nancy Ann Tappe in the year 1970.

The beliefs about Indigo kids as they were called were quite outrageous. Nancy Tappe who was synesthetic could see certain colors associated with some children and these ‘special children’ were alleged to have indigo auras and seemed to possess abilities quite unlike their peers. They are also alternatively seen to be difficult to manage being strong willed, independent, curious with a sense of self and purpose that is seen by others as being strange or contrary. These kids are believed to have an inherent sense of being superior and also entitled to be where they are of their own virtue with a high intelligence level and intuitive ability. This is turn also contributes to a general disregard and resistance to authority or rules.

Indigo children are performers in the school arena but do not like to regard teachers or other adults due to their inherent sense of superior intelligence and they often reject and resent being told what to do. Al lack of response to fear and guilt based manipulation is also seen as they themselves are counter intuitive and able to gather more on their own than those around them. Children who are termed as being of this category have also been commonly found to be suffering from ADHD. These kids with their own unique ideas about how they want to do things and also a tendency to want to work outside the system makes them into social isolates most often. They are also claimed to possess psychic abilities, called gifted children and even said to be highly empathetic and able to read people exceptionally well.

Evidence with regard to such individuals being real and also possessing an actual aura is quite debatable. Since Synesthesia is a medical condition which has a different expression in different individuals, the actual colors perceived and the sounds seen may differ from individual to individual.

These kids most commonly fit the category and description for those who are seen to be antisocial and apathetic to those around them A disregard for rules, recklessness, lack of respect and inward orientation ends up making them social isolates more often than not. With high self worth and self confidence levels they are often kids who work out of the system and prefer to not work within regular social constructs that others do.

There is of course also the fact that most parents would not want to label their kids as being ADHD or ADD, rather they would want to know if their children have some ‘special’ abilities. Passing off the restlessness and inability for ADHD kids to conform to a system or to a routine way of life under the label of ‘indigo kids’ is so much better a reality for the parents to believe in.


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    • keepitnatural profile image

      keepitnatural 7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      Great hub & love the picture! We Indigos do have very big eyes, it made me laugh!