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What can I do if my baby is sick with a flu/cold?

Updated on June 27, 2011

My baby has a cold.

There's medications for everything right? Well for babies, there isn't. We all remember our parents rubbing vicks on our chests so that we could breathe. However, they have found that it can cause breathing problems for babies. When my son had his first cold, I was surprised that the Pediatrician did not have any medication that could be given to him. So I decided to try to find some way to help him. Here are the suggestions that may work for you.

1) Nasal saline- This helps loosen the mucus and can allow your little one be able to breathe or even eat their bottle. This was the only thing my Pediatrician gave us but it can be found in just about any store.

2) Humidifier- This is a great way to help keep the nasal passages clear so that your little on could actually sleep. Be careful with those that have you add vicks or other medications as some can cause other issues later in life for the baby. Steam should be good enough.

3) If you do not have a humidifier, closing you and your baby in the bathroom with the shower running with hot water. The steam with help clear out the passages pretty fast.

4) Nasal Aspirator- This is great but babies often hate it. It is a battle to try to get them to sit still enough to get it in.

5) Car Seat/bouncer- You may be asking why. The best way for mucus to come out is gravity. If the baby is laying on their back, it could just keep the mucus right where it makes it hard for the baby to breathe. Having them elevated could be the best trick to help them and you sleep.

6) At certain ages, you can give your baby motrin or tylenol which could help if they have a sore throat.

7) Keep some tissues nearby as they will probably sneeze and it will go everywhere.

My baby has the flu.

My son was about 9 months old and he woke up throwing up everywhere. I took it easy with him, however, by the next night, his fever would not go down with Motrin or Tylenol. It was 102 degrees. I was terrified so I took him to the ER. They took him back right away and took his temperature. I remember seeing the nurses face as she threw the thermometer off to the side and quickly undressed him while calling to the nurses outside for more Motrin. The nurse looked at me and said his temperature was a little over 103. They had to get it down or he could start having seizures. I never realized how severe a flu could be. After a few hours of my son freezing and lots of pedialyte, we were finally able to go home.

When it comes to a flu, I always take my little ones in. I don't like to deal with fevers plus I like to make sure that it isn't something other than a flu. If they are running a fever, Motrin tends to help lower it. Make sure that your baby stays hydrated. Ask your doctor if you can use pedialyte. If you child does not keep any food down, formula or breast milk or table foods, take them in immediately. Be watchful, if they aren't reacting very well or it's difficult to wake them could be other signs to take them in. The best thing you can do for your baby is to comfort them.


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