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What is a Family Supposed to be?

Updated on October 14, 2009

What is a family?

We all know that families have their problems. Some families have more problems than others, but in the end they usually work things out. Family is supposed to be there when you need them, and is supposed to have a strong hold on the ground you walk on. They stick with you through the toughest times, and give advice when they see they need to. Whether one person takes the advice, is totally up to them.

Families that have really bad problems, never come out of it. They end up pushing one or more of the members away little by little. Some members of a family will listen to what others tell them on the outside, and take what they say to extremes. when there are children in the middle of the whole thing, it makes it worse.

I personally know this all to well. I have been accused of many things, and it has been made known that I am not allowed around 3 members that are children. Two members are from my family, and the other one is from my other side of the family. I will be spending my holidays at home with my children and fiancé. I will not put myself in the predicament of feeling uncomfortable, or have someone taken from another.

I know that it will hurt my kids not to see other family, but it is for the best. I have to think about what is best for them and right now, I don't want them to see a huge fight with family members. I have to keep their best intentions in sight, and keep them safe.

I wish some people in the family would stand up for themselves, and tell people where to go, and how to get there. To have someone push your family member away because they think they said something, did something, or plain out don't like them is ridiculous! I love how people can come up with excuses not to let someone see someone. Those people really need to get a life and grow up!

This year is going to be especially hard for me, because one of my family members is leaving, and we aren't sure if they will return. I know I will want to be there, but under the circumstances, that is just impossible. I don't care if someone makes an exception for the holiday or not. They are being childish, and need to look in the mirror to see that. They need to realize what a family is, and what a family means. There a lot of people out there that don't have a family, or anywhere to go for holidays. They need to be lucky to have, what they call a family, around because it can be taken from them in an instant.


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    • profile image

      Antoinette 4 years ago

      Sorry I saw that I did a couple of miss spells. Don't sweat it they are the ones losing something, you aren't.

    • profile image

      Antoinette 4 years ago

      I agree with you 100% I am also in the same boat as you are by people that say family is blood and that's it end of story, but their actions show that they are not family at all. I have come to learn through Dr. Phil that I need to stop worry about these people and just look at my situation and thank God that he gave me these 4 people in my life. oh and Plus my parents. Family is through the good and the bad and want you to be apart of it not just on their terms. You want them to have that personal relationship were they can come out and say they know you and you know them, but in today's world it is hard to find this kind of family and if a person has this they are very luck. I think God hands us what he knows we can handle, and even with the bad, if we get that one good person out of all the mix that is what he wanted for us. I hope I am saying this right. So I am coming to learn that if they did not acknowledge you to begin with, don't sweat it they are the ones losing something you are.

    • DonnyBoy profile image

      DonnyBoy 7 years ago from Western New York

      awesome write!