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What is lurking in the public library

Updated on July 22, 2011

Library practices

When we take our children to the public library we expect to find books, couches and computers right, but lately the library has allowed some very unsafe practices on their computers that I feel poses a threat to our children. On the news the other night my husband and I learned that many public libraries here in Colorado are allowing adults to watch pornography on their computers.

I was so outraged when I learned this, I couldn't see straight. A mother at Jefferson public library was walking by a male and realized that he had his hand in pants touching himself. When she complained to the librarian they did nothing and the man was still doing it at the same computer. When the Channel 9 news reporter talked to the Library spokesperson their response was they can't control what an adult does in the adult section on the computers and we give them a privacy screen. Furthermore the library feels that they if they tell adults they can't watch porn anymore they will be infringing on their first amendment rights. The mother did call the Sheriff and male got ticketed for trespassing plus indecent exposure. It was also learned by the Sheriff that the male was only 17 yrs old and there has been other similar complaints against other patrons before this one.

Personally I feel that this type of activity should be done at home in privacy and not where young eyes can be influenced. Plus what does it say about a person who is willing to do this type of activity in public? First Amendment or not I don't want it around my kids. If libraries are going to let porn happen and I can't stop it because of the first amendment then maybe the adult section needs to be behind closed doors to keep children safe. I know one thing for sure we will not be visiting the public library until either watching porn is not allowed or the the adult section is behind closed doors.


Pros and Cons of privacy screens


  • It works. Your display is obscured from view from a little over 45 degrees to the left and right.
  • Easy to install and remove. Just place the plastic clips around the display and slide the filter in or out.
  • Lots of standard sizes. Filters are available for both standard and widescreen formats for screens sized 12.1" to 20.1".


  • Partially viewable at about 45 degrees. The privacy filter would work great in a coffeehouse setting, but it's not complete protection from nosy neighbors sitting right next to you.
  • Reduced brightness. A filter will capture a bit of the light from your display. This might lead to reduced battery time if you turn up your backlight brightness.

Information provided by

9 news story

To view the entire news story I provided the webstite. The news article also allows you to cast your vote and tell them how you feel.


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    • bulldogrocks profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Colorado

      I know I am definitely not taking my children to the public library.

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      This an excellent hub about a shocking event! I am absolutely dumbfounded to learn that this kind of thing is allowed to carry on basically because it's a person's right? What about the rights of kids to be protected from porn etc? What about our rights as adults? I agree this kind of thing should be done in the privacy of the home and nowhere else.

      Voted up and many thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention!


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