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10 Tips for First Time Breastfeeding Moms.

Updated on September 24, 2017
AntashiaT profile image

I am a young mom of two who enjoys to talk, write, and read. Blogging is an enjoyable way to pass time for me, It's my passion.

Women power!

This article is aimed towards the inexperienced breastfeeding moms as well as the experienced ones. The more you know about breastfeeding, the more likely you are to breastfeed. (I am not against mommy's who formula feed, as long as our babies are fed and healthy, that's all that matters.) My goal here it to spread my knowledge about breastfeeding in hopes to reach out to those looking for ideas, and to be able to help you as I have been helped. Being able to feed my children through my breast is such a blessing. No one knows the bond between a mother and her children until you get to experience such blissful moments. This is why I'm sharing my tips and tricks with you all. To make someone's hard duties that much easier. Because, let's face it, feeding our children at all is a challenge we women don't get enough credit for!

Does your diet affect your breast milk?


How to get a good latch?

The first steps in breastfeeding are making it as easy and comfortable for you and your baby as possible. One way to ensure that is to have a good latch. Start by having your baby facing towards you. Drag your nipple from his nose to his bottom lip. This will ensure your baby lip does not get tucked, which will provide more comfort and secured latch! But starting at his nose will let him "find" your breast as he will be able to smell your milk this way.

Is your baby in the right position?

Rule number one! Always be tummy to tummy when feeding your baby. No matter the position, tummy to tummy is your key to success. Positioning will affect will way your baby eats. Getting a good latch and position can be frustrating sometimes but just stay clam and keep trying! Make sure your baby is facing you, as well as his body too! It will be hard for your baby to eat right if his head and body are facing different directions from each other. You would not want to eat with your head sideways, would you?! Neither does your baby.

The best position is what makes you and your baby the most comfy! The most common one known is "The Cradle." Which, is where you hold your baby with his head in the crook of your arm. Make sure to support his head well and keep his body towards yours. Then with your other arm you can support the rest of his body or hold your breast. There are several positions to choice from. My most favorite one is laying down with your little one while they feed. This one is actually quite easy. All you do you lay down on your side with your baby in front of you, on his side as well, (tummy to tummy) and that is pretty much it! This position is prefect for nighttime feedings, too.

Still having trouble?

Breastfeeding is a very challenging task. Comes with a ton of hard work, but its all worth it for our little ones. So, these tips might make you and your baby journey to success a tad bit easier. Women with larger breast might have a harder time holding their breast up in a good angle for your baby. Try taking a small receiving blanket and rolling it up like a burrito, then placing it under your breast for more support. I promise you, this trick does wonders. Just give it a shot!

Kick back and relax!

Get as comfortable as possible! Kick back and put your feet up (if you can). The more comfortable you get the easier it will be to feed your baby. Which means the better your baby will feed, which is what we mommies want. Try leaning back also known as "slouching". This will prop your baby up and against you. By doing this will allow you to secure a good latch as well as have comfort. It is important to stay comfortable during feeding because it can really take a toll on our backs and body. So, if you have been having back pain lately, this is probably why. Us mommies need to stay strong a healthy for our babies so no pain and aches are allowed!

Got milk?


Feed! Feed! Feed!

Women who breastfeed might get overwhelmed about how often their babies should eat or how long they should feed. Which are both good concerns to have. But this is the upper hand us breastfeeding mommies have. When you exclusively breastfeed these things are not as big as a worry. Your baby will NOT over feed, just not a thing that happens. Also, your baby will let you know when he is hungry. So, don't worry. Let your baby lead!

Breast be best.

Your breast milk does wonders. Your breast milk will give your baby what he needs. The best thing for sick babies, even teething babies is breast milk. Your breast milk has antibodies in it to help fight of infections. It can even help with pink eye or ear aches. Don't worry if you get sick. Your breast milk will help your baby stay healthy and safe.

Be Bold!


Boobie power.

Did you know the more you feed the more you will produce? Yes! It is true. Your breast will produce what your baby eats. Its amazing really. How empowering is it to know that no one can feed or bond with your baby the way you can? By breastfeeding you increase your baby's immune system by 50% stronger just by the first two weeks your baby is born. Another interesting fact is if your baby has jaundice as a newborn, you can decrease it by breastfeeding. Our bodies are amazing temples, aren't they?

Do you still have baby weight?

My favorite tip/fact about breastfeeding is this one by far! Do you ever see some women who lost all there baby weight extremely fast? Well, you've been woke my friend! Breastfeeding does wonders for that stubborn weight gain. I can vouch for this personally. With my firstborn I was 135 lbs before pregnancy. When I went into labor I weighted 203! I wish I was lying. By week three postpartum, I was back down to 165. When she was 6 months I managed to get my pre-pregnancy weight back. Now currently, my son is two months, I weight 180. I weighted 160 pre-pregnancy. I was 219 when I went into labor with him. Now 8 weeks later I'm down 40 pounds! Explain that?! Breast milk, my friend!

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