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What negative impacts have been caused from society removing women from the home and into the workforce?

Updated on June 24, 2016

A woman's struggle in today's society

I know many women out there are very pleased and happy to be powerful women in the workforce who hold down great careers and are able to sufficiently stand on their own two feet. Women have struggled so much for equality to men and were so determined to prove that they were equally as capable that we almost forgot to ask one important question....Just because we can work the same jobs in the workforce as men should we? I know women want to get as far away from gender specific roles as possible but was that really a good idea?

In today's society and age not only do we have women who are strong and independent no longer feeling they need a man to provide or should I say rely on a man to provide we also have the acceptance in society for woman who are openly gay because equal rights for all is important. However, for any woman in today's day and age who is more old fashioned or sees the outnumbering benefits for staying true to gender specific roles, this movement has posed many issues. Basically saying now that woman have gone so far as to even wanting to fight alongside with men in battle, we have created a huge problem for ourselves if we ever want to be able to do any of our gender specific roles in life. These roles include but are not limited to taking care of our own children, being able to cook meals at home for our families, keep the home in order by cleaning etc. and let's not forget taking care of our husbands.

Any men reading this article should also appreciate the positives I'm going to point out if it was once again acceptable and the norm for women to be put back into the home. I know many women are content with making the money and if they have children are content leaving them at daycare, after school programs etc. while they are at work. However, there still are a great number of women who are perfectly happy with being "homemakers". Even though society does not truly recognize being a homemaker as a job, we have to admit that it really is a job just one without pay. In a sense being a homemaker can include many job titles if you really want to think about it. It involves cleaning the house and keeping it tidy so we could say we are maids if we are homemakers and we all know that people hire maids to clean their house if they do not have the time to do so or they don't want to put in the labor. Homemakers cook meals for their family so we could say we are chefs/cooks and of course that is a true job title that pays. As homemakers we take care of our children if we have any and any person who has ever had to pay for daycare understands the costs involved with having to pay someone else just to watch your children so we definitely know that is a paying job. Most homemakers or stay at home moms are also the main source of transportation for others in the family who cannot drive such as children so we can also be viewed as taxi drivers. Homemakers in general do most if not all of the personal shopping for the home and the people who dwell within so in a sense we can also be recognized as personal shoppers.

Now that we have established some of the main roles and responsibilities as a homemaker and proved that beyond a doubt the work done could in fact earn a salary if it was done elsewhere outside of the home, lets discuss some of the benefits and negatives from a woman being a homemaker in order to be fair to both sides. The main point of this article is to try and clearly see after all to anyone reading, if being a homemaker in today's society truly has more benefits/pros than cons.

First benefit to a woman staying true to her gender specific role as being a homemaker is obviously the home will be in order or should if a woman is truly doing her part. With a clean organized home environment it has been proven that this atmosphere can actually relieve stresses and overall relieving stresses can improve your health so it definitely is a positive thing.

In a relationship men appreciate coming home to a neat and tidy home. It always discusses in articles geared to women that this is a priority to keeping your man happy as well as keeping things nice for yourself. There are enough stresses in the working environment and the last thing someone wants to come home to is a messy house. Creating a welcoming home environment is key to keeping a healthy happy marriage/relationship. Many people can argue and say that a woman can still keep the place clean by cleaning on the weekends they don't work or when they get home or by hiring a maid to help out. However let's face the facts in regards to a woman working full time. Obviously anyone who worked a full eight hour day or more no matter what they do knows that the last thing they will want to do or even have time for when they get home is clean up the whole house. Sometimes to do thorough cleaning there isn't even enough time if you do not even get home until 5:30 pm or later on a typical day. Also if you spend the rest of your remaining time cleaning once you get home then how will dinner get ready since of course your other duties cannot go unfulfilled. If you spend all your time cleaning on the weekends when most likely you and your spouse are off from work, then when will you ever be able to have quality time together? Also let's not forget the whole reason you are working to begin with... money of course and most likely having lack of it.

This is always an issue never having enough money to live. I blame this as the number one reason all women have to work in today's society even if their husband's would prefer that they were home taking care of the house and kids. Society and the costs of living in most places factor in that all households have two breadwinners instead of just one. This puts huge financial strains on people even single people who may want to buy a home but will never meet the cut because having only one main income is frowned upon on any type of loan application. Basically though if a woman is also working full time that alone shows the household has some sort of financial struggles on just the man's income alone for whatever reasons so the possibility of being able to pay for a maid is eliminated. So I guess someone would need to ask themselves the question how important is it to have a neat and tidy home to weigh out whether a woman should be removed from the home and out working full time. Is the pay she makes even worth it to possibly eliminate peace of mind and less stresses when you come home? I know many men reading this may say well my wife is at home all day and doesn't clean up anything because my home still looks like a disaster when I get home. It's women who do not do their roles who have also caused negative association with the word homemaker or stay at home mom. My advice to those men would be discuss the possibility of their wife working to pay for a maid and I'm pretty sure the home will get in order.

To be absolutely fair to both sides so that I don't sound sexist because that is never my intent, there of course are women in this world who do not do their roles as much as men. It is a woman's place to keep the home in order as much as it is a man's place to provide/make decisions and this is where so much controversy has come into play. I know religion is slowly becoming obsolete as much as women being able to be homemakers still in today's day and age, however for those who are religious and read the bible our gender specific roles have been clearly defined and laid out. I know many will argue and say that there are no such things as gender specific roles and want to know where they even came from. To anyone who is religious the bible is one place they are discussed. To anyone who studies Science or even Psychology even if they are not religious, they can recognize physical differences as well as Psychological differences between a man and a woman.

It is true that women were the ones obviously built to have children and while being pregnant and after having children women innately have the natural ability to be caregivers. We psychologically feel the urge to do nesting in preparing for a child's arrival. In many parenting books which discuss pregnancy and motherhood it mentions all of the psychological things women go through including separation anxiety the first time they become separated from their child. Newborns are attached to their moms just as much as mother's are to them so being separated from their newborn at only about the three to four month stage after their maternity leave is over to go back to work is very difficult for women. Also our bodies were designed to produce milk to feed our child and even with modern day breast pumps the child and mom are still facing some major cons in this type of situation. In most cases most women returning back to work get so frustrated with the pumping and pains in their breasts from milk ducts filling up that eventually they are forced to resort to formula which is never as good and doctors can back that up as well as scientists. They have done many studies proving that children who were breast fed completely for the first year of their life have better teeth, better immunities to disease and higher IQ's amongst many other things.

Also in reality when it comes to pumping milk most jobs are not very friendly to women choosing to pump at work. The laws are supposed to protect women so that they are able to pump at work but honestly even from my own personal experience when it comes to pumping at work you are only restricted to pump on your lunch break or other two breaks. Taking anymore time than what is allowed for those breaks, you are punished either by them docking your pay or you are warned you could lose your job. Some jobs too are very strict on your break time schedule and do not allow you to have a flexible break schedule during this crucial time. So times when you may have the need to pump and release your milk, you may not be close to any of your break times. In conclusion to this issue it just makes more logical sense for a woman to be home with a child especially a newborn. If you want to weigh the pros and cons on this issue once again the pros are if a woman works she will have money but honestly once you factor in the expenses from daycare especially for a newborn child and also if you have more than one child, is it really going to give that much extra money?.... the answer is probably not. The only way in this case the money factor might win, would be if the job the woman had paid extremely well and in most average cases the woman is making less than a man even if she is doing the same job.

Another fact when considering this issue of who should handle the child care to consider is, that nobody will take care of your child or children as you would. Honestly how can you think that your child will grow up just the way you want them to when you are not even there most of the time and have to rely on a third party to basically raise your kids. Some people may not look at it this way but yes someone other than yourself will actually be a part of your child's or children's lives more than you especially at the youngest most crucial ages. So honestly a good question to consider is would you be okay with those facts? The fact that someone else will pretty much be raising your kids. I have seen my share of daycares and how the kids are. Even at the best daycares where the daycare provider treats the kids as if they were her own, the kids will always be waiting for mom or dad to pick them up. The moment when their mom or dad comes to the door to get them, their faces just light up. I know from my own experiences that every single day my child was at a daycare she always wished I could have been there instead and every single day I was at work I wished I could have been with her instead. It would break my heart to see so many kids cry out when their moms or dads would leave them at daycare and be racing off to work. It's a fact of life that people need to work to live however, one parent should be home with the kids because they need and deserve that. Some women like daycare because they are fine with the facts that someone else is taking care of their kids so they can return to work and be back in the adult world having a sense of freedom once again. In a sense this is a selfish act. Yes of course I would agree with everyone that every once in a while you need to have a break away from kids to have an adult date with your husband or a night out with some good friends. Once you become a mother you are a mother for life and should be putting your children's needs above yours most if not all of the time. Let's face the facts all children want and need their mother and father. Some kids that go without a parent there for them most of their life may face issues later on in adulthood. Generally speaking most kids gain a stronger connection with their mom and part of this may have to do with the connection of being in the womb and also immediate face recognition once they are born. It isn't to say that the father's role isn't just as important but there are certain factors that allow a child to grow closer with the mother.

Another important point to mention is that taking the woman out of the home and placing her into the workforce working usually the standard 9-5 job has negatively impacted the eating habits of many individuals as well as their family. When women were in the home they were able to start preparing a healthy home cooked meal. Due to many women having to work overtime at their jobs or perhaps having to have later start hours so they can still manage to take the kids to school in the morning or daycare, they do not have ample time to get home and prepare good home cooked meals. Even if women did race home to start cooking they would have to consider meal preparations that took a total of no longer than 30 minutes to prepare, thus meaning shortcuts will be made. This fact has also led to the increase of many families resorting to eating fast food too frequently. Ultimately this has created a negative impact on people's health as well as increased stress levels which are not healthy. Once again this topic also relates back to keeping your husband happy. Even though we live in today's society many men are still very old fashioned and whether the woman of the home works or not they don't care and they expect dinner to be made and ready by the time they get home. This poses an issue for all women who work, especially when they may work even later than the man. Ultimately in a household where a man comes home and finds a messy unkept house and no dinner on the table he is going to be a little upset. These negative factors put huge stresses on relationships/marriages and ultimately can lead to arguments over many things. The woman feels she is working the same as a man and if we are so about equal rights, they just don't see how it is fair that when she gets off work she gets to look forward to double duties while the man gets to kick off his shoes and relax. The only positive once again is the money factor and depending on the woman, an enjoyment of being in the workplace.

When a woman faces the challenges of trying to balance everything out just right at times she can find herself overwhelmed and extremely tired. This can also cause issues with a relationship/marriage. Let's face it if a woman just worked a full eight hour day at a pretty stressful work environment then came home cleaned up the house for a bit, got a quick meal ready and took care of getting any kids cleaned up and ready for bed, is she going to be up and ready in the bedroom department? It's not an issue of lack of sex drive but more an issue of well sleep sounds like a better option knowing what time your wonderful alarm clock is going to go off at to alert you of another new day to do it all over again. Being sleep deprived is a huge negative issue. Lack of proper rest can cause many negative impacts from altering your mood, to possibly getting in a car accident. The constant rush of life is non stop but sometimes we have to acknowledge even to ourselves that we can only do so much in a day. I know many women out there are true Wonder Women and I truly praise you but going at turbo speed non stop may eventually lead to a burn out. Something will have to suffer even if you really think you are doing it all. So an important question to ask here would be is my intimate relationship with my partner worth putting in possible jeopardy? I'm sure some men may be thinking about this one point right now and we all know how important a good sex life is to a man. It's constantly on a man's mind so I'm sure they will think carefully about this one before telling the woman in their life to get a job. They may want to instead beg them to stay at home. Working of course enables women to be independent, feel self worth, and keeps them up to date on important job skills so they can always get and hold down a job.

To sum everything up and state my personal opinion on the topic I feel women should always get an education and establish a career in today's society that she could always fall back on whenever she needed to work. It may also be a good idea to stay current with technology and even if you are a stay at home mom or homemaker take classes every once in a while on skills being utilized in the current job markets so that you are always up to date and prepared. Being independent and self reliant is always the way to go. Even if you have the blessings of being able to be a homemaker and be home with your children if that is what makes you happiest, never take it for granted because turn of events can change anything. If you are a stay at home mom or homemaker make the most of it by completely fulfilling your duties so being that title is never associated with just sitting at home being lazy. When children come into the picture even if a woman has worked the whole time I feel if the man of the household can take over completely allowing the woman to convert back into her gender specific roles of the home that would be best. Any real men should be able to understand the importance of the woman back in the home especially when children are a part of the picture. I admit that financially speaking it may not be possible for a woman to stay home, however I feel a man should do everything in his power to work towards allowing her the option to be at home during crucial times. I don't feel a man should ever get mad at a woman for stating that she would like to stay home so that kids are properly taken care of etc. or if the woman decides that the negatives of working outweigh the positives at any time. To all the women out there reading this I wish you many blessings as well as all the men reading this and I hope no matter what you decide on the topic, it works out for your situation because honestly I can only explain different views and give my opinion but people just have to do what works out for them. My hopes though are for women out there who are working and it just seems like too many negatives outweigh the positives, I hope a change can be made to better the situation and maybe something I said or brought up might trigger you to find a way to be back in the home.


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