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What can we learn from the heart of a child

Updated on January 22, 2010
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We always say that everybody of us can learn from the heart of a child. The heart of a child is pure, innocent and simple. They easily forgive those who are in one way or another made them sad or cross them. They have simple wants and joys in life and when they play, they do it like it is their life, everytime they play, they do it with so much fun, unmindful of other things. They know how to be happy. They dare and are never afraid to explore and create new ideas. They think they can do everything too.

Surely there is more to learn from them. Spend a day with a child and you can learn attitudes which you can use in a lifetime. As they say, all the things you need as an adult you learn it from your childhood. I love children and I love their innocence and their smile can make my day always.

I spent my three hours every Saturday afternoon with some children around the vicinity where I stay I am just happy feeding and letting them play here in the house. They leave around the corner and they go here even if it is cold already. Their parents know me and every time they go here, their parents will accompany them at the door. They brought with them some toys and I have some books for children so that they can share too. After playing with each other, they ate and then went home. They will be back next Saturday again except during the week of holidays as they will stay with their parents on that weekend.

I like watching and taking care of children. They gave me so much lessons in life and every time I see a child smile or being happy it really melts my heart. I would like to share with you some of my thoughts about children.

  • They learn to forgive easily and never bury a hatchet nor aim for revenge. When you see a child who play with other child and they quarrel, after five minutes, they will be happy together again as if nothing happens.
  • Innocence -- every child is innocence until their minds are polluted by the outside world. Their mind is like a” tabula rasa” -- blank not until they are thrown in the harsh world of survival. It could have been nice just to stay inside the womb and be pampered, sheltered at times with the harsh of the outside world, but as human beings they need to socialize too. When we are in the outside world (outside our comfort zones), we should always keep a good behavior and throw the bad ones.
  • They have simple joys and wants in life and it is easy to please them. Just give them a toy or somebody to play with and they will be happy.
  • They don’t care about time at all too, they don’t rush at all unmindful of it, and they just concentrate on what they are doing at the time.
  • They will immediately share their food or toy without any question as long as you explain to them that the other child needs it too
  • They never expect anything in return, they just do things because it makes them happy.
  • They do things and decide without overanalyzing it and making it simple, choosing what toys to play at the moment or what cartoons to watch. They also follow instructions easily and asked all necessary questions pertaining to it.
  • They change course immediately if they know that the activity is not giving them any joy at that moment, they try and innovate ways to go to the top of the Christmas tree for example, to check on what is happening to the lights
  • They don’t cry over a spilled milk so to say, they just want another one immediately and not dwell on what happened, why is the milk not there anymore
  • They always challenge themselves to try new things, and when they play, they play like never before. They laugh out loud too for simple reasons like when they fart etc. I wish adults will have a life like it is living a life, not always worrying about things that are not yet there. Children always believe that they can fly too and do things impossible so they don’t worry at all. I asked a boy where they are moving and he told me that the new place is awesome, even if it is far and cold, he said he will have new friends he said. I learn earlier from his mom that she is divorcing the dad.
  • They are very curious and ask even the mundane questions and accept your answer as it is, they never question you or think if ever you have bad motives at all.
  • They easily give their appreciation and say “thank you” even for small things you give them, their eyes lit up and get excited for simple things.
  • They adore and are loyal to their friends.
  • Most of all, they love their parents without any question, unlike some adults who try to question what other parent has given them, for children, their parents are their pride and they look up to them like a hero or superstar.

The list is endless and that you can share yours too.

Thank you always, Maita.


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