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What you Need for a Baby

Updated on June 23, 2015
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Natasha Pelati has published three books of poetry and writes on real-life experiences with the help of psychology.

Medical Aid for Pregnancy and Birth

This is the most important thing that you will need to have a baby because if you are not in a place where they have free medical then you are in for a very expensive adventure.

Gynaecologist appointments are at least once per month up until five months and then you have your anatomy scan. Blood tests are also required and from there it is a gynaecologist visit once per month until the baby is born.

It doesn't stop there you have to buy the vitamins needed while you are pregnant and you also need to pay for the hospital, gynaecologist to deliver the baby, paediatrician and anaesthetist too.

All these expenses are just to have the baby and this does not cover clothing, products or baby room.

To avoid having these expenses you need to be on a medical aid with gap cover so that if a doctor charges more than 100% of the medical aid rate, the gap covers 500% which means you don't have to fork out any money.

A pregnant woman is not covered by any medical aid or hospital plan if you are already pregnant as this is a pre existing condition and if you do get medical cover it will not cover the birth of your child. In fact some of the medical aids don't even cover the baby after birth and there is a waiting period of 12 months, so you need to check on this first.

Many medical aids cover the baby as soon as it is delivered which will give you one or two paediatrician visits (if you are registered on the maternity program up until 20 weeks.) It doesn't cover you for anything but it can cover the baby's paediatrician and inoculations.

The most important thing is that it will cover the baby should it need to stay in hospital or be born prematurely which can be unaffordable for some and the last thing that you want is to go to a government hospital with no experienced doctors around.

This is very important and as soon as you have found out that you are pregnant register for medical aid anyway to protect the baby.

Pram for Baby

Make sure that your pram comes with a carry cot as this is needed
Make sure that your pram comes with a carry cot as this is needed

Important Items Needed for Baby

The most important thing to concentrate on is to be able to have the baby and this means that if you don't have medical aid you then need to save up for the hospital and gynaecologist to deliver the baby. Try and make arrangements with the hospital so that you don't have to pay a hefty some upfront and you can pay it off month to month from the time of your pregnancy until the birth.

A cot is not necessary as soon as the baby is born but a pram is a good idea to invest in first as this has a carry cot on it and the baby can sleep in there for the first few months. A pram is something you will use on a daily basis so get that first.

If you can afford a cot then get one and some storage space for clothing, nappies and products like shampoo etc. You do not need to get the bath but there is a little carrier that you can place into your bath which is a non slip item to put baby onto to bath.

I find that a bath is a good idea as it has storage space for products and you don't have to bend down and exert yourself each time he/she has a bath.

Snuggle blankets are important so that baby can feel secure after being cooped up in your body for so long. This helps them feel safe and you don't really use it for too long.

Linen for New Born Babies

Try not to overbuy even though this is hard as all you want to do is buy everything that you see but just remember that the more you spend on things that you don't need, the less you will have on the items that you do need and there is always a surprise item needed so be prepared.

get 1 cot mattress with breathe easy holes.

3 sheets

No cot bumpers, pillows or duvets as they are linked to cot death.

Feeding cushions are required but you must get the one with a removable cover for washing especially if the baby has reflux.

A changing mat is a must get item!!!! You can use this wherever you are and the ideal one has a plastic cover that can be easily wiped clean. Avoid the ones that have the towelling on it as this is so difficult to clean and you when you are out and about all you really have time for is a quick change and a quick wipe and go.

2 Cellular blankets for sleeping

4 Swaddling blankets

2 Cotton receiving blankets or nappies to use for draping over your shoulder when you feed, soak up spills, vomit stains and to cover the car seat when there is a lot of sun.

2 Hooded baby towels

2 Face cloths

2 Sleeping bags for winter and summer

Cot for Baby with Drawers

Ensure that when you get a cot for baby that it has draw space as clothing and nappies need to be stored somewhere
Ensure that when you get a cot for baby that it has draw space as clothing and nappies need to be stored somewhere

Baby Clothing

Booties and socks are all you need for your baby until it gets to about 7 months
Booties and socks are all you need for your baby until it gets to about 7 months
A muslin helps baby feel comfortable and safe after being in your womb for so long
A muslin helps baby feel comfortable and safe after being in your womb for so long

Clothing for New Born Babies

You will not need much for a new born baby as they grow so quickly and the items will not last longer than a week or two.

Here are the items of clothing that you will need for a new baby and try to remember that they do not need shoes now and 0- 3 months will last for a week or two.

4 to 6 Long sleeved body vests that button up so that they don't ride up.

4 to 6 Short sleeved body vests with buttons.

3 Baby hats especially for winter as they cannot regulate their own temperatures yet and lose most of their body heat from their heads.

4 to 6 Front buttoning baby grows.

3 Vest and legging sets

2 Polar fleece outdoor baby grows for outings in winter.

4 to 6 Bibs not just for food but drooling too.

5 Towelling nappies or muslins - these are a must have for wiping vomit, spit, food spills and protecting your shoulders or projectile pee if you have a baby boy.

Socks and booties but no shoes!!!

Medical Aid or Not?

Do you have a medical aid scheme?

See results

Essentials for Baby

Make sure that you buy only what you need for baby
Make sure that you buy only what you need for baby

Essentials for Baby

This is the must have list for your baby and you should stock up early so that the amount is not a big one all at once.

Wet wipes and container

Baby friendly cotton buds

Mozzie net

Cotton wool

Nappy bags

Baby nail clippers

Medicine dispenser

Sterilising hand wash and nursery surface spray

Nappies disposable or normal

Towelling nappies

Baby brush and comb

Paracetamol syrup

Saline nose drops

Aqueous cream

Bum cream

Surgical spirits

Baby powder

Petroleum jelly

Enjoy Your Baby

Being a Mom is exciting and what an adventure
Being a Mom is exciting and what an adventure
Enjoy being pregnant and enjoy your children for they grow ever so quickly
Enjoy being pregnant and enjoy your children for they grow ever so quickly

First Time Moms - What you need

Get yourself a sleep cushion for pregnancy because once you reach 6 months you are going to find it difficult to sleep well and you can't sleep on your back and your side will be sore.

Breast pumps you can just get the hand held pump for days where you know that you will be out and about, it can be the manual one and you don't need to buy a fancy expensive thing.

Sterilising milk bottle kit for the microwave so that you don't need Milton and a storage space bigger than the kitchen.

You need to do Keegal exercises as this will help you when you get a little bigger and the baby presses on your bladder.

Keep a fruit and water in your baby bag for you when you lose your strength as mom cant be tired for baby.

When packing your bag for the hospital make sure that you have pads packed in as you will get back to normal as soon as the baby is born and this will last for 6 weeks.

Deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, bath or shower gel, brush, padding for your breasts as they will leak. Two nighties an extra blanket as it gets cold in there and some comfortable slippers as well as a light snack pack of healthy treats that you might not get at the hospital.

Disposable underwear as well as your own undies and also your bra to feed baby.

Once you are there then get your partner to bring you some magazines or music to listen to to make sure that you are relaxed.

A bag that can store bottles on the outside pouch for quick grabbing as well as a nappy for wiping up something.

It should have compartments so that you can find everything you need in a hurry and you can say goodbye to using a handbag for a while because you will have enough to carry.

At 5 months you should start using cream to avoid stretch marks and you can rub this onto your breasts too.

Vitamins and healthy food should be eaten up until the baby is six months old or until you finish breastfeeding but you also need your strength so keep at it if you can.

Baby Booties How to Make them

DIY Baby

There is a good way for pregnant women to relax and that is to start making your own booties and clothing items such as blankets, hats and little baby grows too.

In the video is a way to crochet baby some unique booties but there are so many things that you can find online to make.

Relax put your feet up and start crocheting.


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    • serenityjmiller profile image

      Serenity Miller 

      3 years ago from Brookings, SD

      Thank you for this. Some good points and information here. Thanks for sharing!


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