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Good Parenting : Solution to Common Problems!

Updated on February 21, 2016

Are we doing good parenting?

Hi all, I am going to share a harsh truth which we neglect while parenting that can unknowingly lead to kids having low moral values. I have met many kids, be it my cousins or neighbor's kids. I am going to share what I felt was common in all of them and reasons behind them.


Fat Kids

Problem #1 - FAT : Yes, it’s true that we are the one who is responsible for our kids getting fat. Parents allow their children to enjoy all junk food from nearby shops. Parents give money to children for food instead of giving them healthy food directly. This becomes the habit of children as all these wafers, chips, soft drinks, spicy food attracts kids due to their taste.

What parents can do about it?

  • Parents should instead give children right direction and teach them what they should eat right from beginning.
  • Cooking healthy delicious food at home is the best option and is healthy for the whole family along with the notorious kids.
  • We should also take care of the quantity of food we give to our kids. Giving full plate of food, can lead to your kids eating a lot and leading to extra calorie intake, extra sugar intake, extra food intake than is required by the normal kid's body.
  • It is necessary for parents to give importance to a balanced diet and at the proper time. Taking small meals should be preferred instead of having heavy meals after a long gap. Eating at the proper time and right quantity is necessary for overall health.

Conclusion : Parents can make these changes and see the difference themselves.


Low Moral Values in Kids

Problem #1 : I notice children these days disobeying their parents a lot. They don’t actually have any fear of their parents. I am not saying children should have fear of their parents and hide things, but they should at least fear of doing anything wrong.

What parents can do about it?

  • Make your kids friendly enough to share their day to day views & ideas with you but make sure you teach them right things and warn them beforehand for anything and everything wrong that they may face.

Problem #2 : It is important that we should not tolerate disrespect from kids even if they are too small. Like these days kids fights and argues a lot with their parents from childhood itself if something they want is not done. This should be stopped right from beginning else you will end up with stubborn kids who won’t listen to you ever at once.

What parents can do about it?

  • You can use various methods like staring at them or giving them a stern look to instruct them about their wrongdoings, make them realize it. You need to teach your kid what’s wrong and what’s right, from the childhood stage itself. As children get easily influenced in their early childhood days.

Conclusion : Our kids will some day become parents, so if we don’t give essential moral values to them, how will they give to their children. Just have a thought on this before you allow your kids to disobey you anyway next time.


Parenting Tip

What more can parents do?

  • Give Time : Parents are very busy these days to take care or spend some time with their children. But do stop and think for a while that you are working whole day just for your family and you are not paying full attention which is very important for your kids at their growing stage.
  • Guide : It is important for parents to take out some time for their kids and give them proper guidance in every possible way.
  • Diet : Take care of proper balanced diet.
  • Teach kids moral values. The School cannot teach all moral values to kids until and unless they learn the same at home. Home is the place where kids get to practice those moral values.
  • Stand as an example of doing the right things and recognizing wrong things. Yes, illustrating to kids the way to distinguish right and wrong can make them understand easily.
  • Spend Quality Time : Parents should spend quality time with their kids, take them on outing and make them see and face the outer world too. It's not enough to spend time at home with your kids. You need to teach them, and make them face the manners and culture outside in the world.
  • Learn to say ‘NO’ for giving your kids what is wrong. For this, you yourself need to know what is wrong and what is right for your kid. It's not at all necessary to fulfill all the wishes of your children. Make them learn to adjust to the surroundings.
  • Be a Motivation : Make your kids mentally strong and motivate them in what they are good at and teach them what they are not good at. No one is perfect but inculcate in them the habit of learning from their surrounding and welcome new information. Help them in making ambitions in life.
  • Moral Values : Help them to be with good people and ask them to watch only good and knowledgeable channels on TV.
  • Money Importance : Teach kids the value of money. Teach them the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’.
  • Make them responsible for what they do and their decisions. Start by giving them small small responsibilities.

Give your kids good values from their birth and add a good responsible person to this society. :)

Conscious Parenting : Shefali Tsabary at TEDx

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