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What To Do If You Dropped Your Baby

Updated on August 26, 2016
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There is no manual on how to be a parent. It is a-learn-as-you-go job, with no paid, and very little time off. So, as my daughter and I, found ourselves on our own, I remember thinking this is a lifetime commitment, and I don’t even know how to effectively care for her.

A Hope

Sitting on the hospital bed, I kept looking around the room for a possible manual. The hospital gave complimentary pampers and formula so, I kept hoping for a manual on how to care for an infant. It never materialized. I had to figure this out somehow, my daughter was depending on me.

The Unknown

The first four months were unpredictable. Sure I was able to get her to sleep through most of the nights and the formula selection was already made but, what about the other stuff? The right type and size pamper. What about clothes as they relate to the navel and still attached small piece of umbilical cord? And what about how to hold her? Do I wake her to feed her as she sleeps throughout the day? The questions were endless and the answers were rarely at hand, that is until I realized being a parent is all about individuality, the individuality of the infant. My daughter set the standard of care by how often she cried and or smile and later laugh. I had to trust her response and my instinctive answers.

A Cross Reference

As a single parent, it was never easy because I kept second guessing myself. There was no one there to say, “Honey, this and that you are doing is good for the baby, stop worrying so much”. For any single parent, I say to you, “all this and that you are doing is good stop worrying, instead cross check your child’s growth with the established developmental milestones for infants and make adjustments as needed.”

Talk To Baby

The first year baby and mother establish a bond, a relationship saturated with love, trust and endless affection. As a potential social being, mothers should be sensitive to baby’s emotional needs. Baby does not want to be left alone, he wants warm hugs and securing holds. The first year of baby is believed to be the most crucial. Whatever the stage, experts stress that mothers talk to baby. It is important that mothers converses with their babies about the things that are being done to and for them. There should be very little baby talk, regular conversations sooth babies as well as build their language skills.

More Conversation

The old way was to leave baby in the crib to cry, after he is feed and dry. For a healthier developing milestone, experts feel that mother should respond to the cries and sounds of baby. In fact they believe as mothers interact with crying babies they should talk to baby in a reassuring tone. The more conversation with baby the quicker he learns the language.

Interacting With Baby

Experts say that it is never too early to read to baby. When baby is read to he will pick up the nuisances of the language. Between naps, spend time reading to baby, and to break the monotone it is a good idea to introduce baby to music. The combined implementation of language and music develop his intellect and stimulates his brain. As you spend time playing with baby look for slow developing signs, look to see if baby is within milestones abilities. Though it all, stay positive and shower baby with affection and encouragement.

First 4 Months

From day 2 up to 4 months baby’s milestone are the ability to smile, bring hand to month, look to you, babble or coo, respond to sounds and look around the room. Baby can hold up his head and once placed on his stomach will raise up on his elbows. Look to see if baby makes swim like motions with his arms and legs. At the end of 4 months baby will respond to smiles from you and others, react to loud noises, and engage in play. Baby’s language skills will extent to copying of simple sounds, and will refine in different cries when hungry, wet, in pain or overall unhappy. Baby’s milestone cognitive abilities is apparent as he uses his eyes and hands to explore his environment. He reacts to the caressing voice as well as touches from you. Physical milestone are the ability to hold head up without support, and from tummy roll over. If baby does not act out any of these milestones, consult with his pediatrician.

Gentle Care

As you engage with your infant during his initial milestones, it is never too early or late to start safe proofing the home. It is imperative that as a single mother you start thinking about keeping your baby safe. This means monitoring everything you do and say. Your infant is sensitive and requires gently handling. Please do not shake or scream at your infant. If you find yourself getting angry or frustrated take several deep breathes and put the biggest smile on your face as you move toward baby to care for him.

Some Safety Measures

At the first four months baby should sleep on his back, experts believe that this will help prevent “infant death syndrome” (SIDS). They also recommend a pacifier when baby is asleep, it is a great comforting tool. Maintain a smoke free environment, if at all possible run a humidifier in any area of the home that baby will sleep and or play. Never leave baby alone to feed by propping bottle on pillow. Nothing is more important than the safety of your baby, so stop take time to cradle baby in your arms as you bottle feed. When traveling with baby please put car seat in the back never transport baby in the front seat. Use caution when handling liquids, foods, and any household cleaning substance.

Health Safety

Remember regular doctor visits are also a safety measure; it is during doctor's visits that any physical or emotional defects can be detected and immunizations are kept up to date. Fevers are deadly at 4 month period so it should be addressed promptly. If you and when you take baby’s temperature a rectum thermometer is the best measuring tool.

Some Safety Use

Supportive devices, such as swings and bouncers are great but, remember how you felt when confined to chair for long periods so, minimize how long you leave baby in these devices. Modern technology such as tablets and computers are great but experts stress that baby under 2 years should not be introduced to these types of media.

Answers To Pass Issues

My daughter was a Pamper baby. I discovered this only after using many different types of diapers, mostly because of the low cost. She would acquire a rash with the other diapers but not with Pampers. Every diaper package is labeled from 0 to 12 months and by weight. I learned this after purchasing the wrong size diaper twice in a row. I did not wake my daughter to feed her, her pediatrician indicated it was not necessary. As a rule I learned to purchase clothes a size bigger, the old timers call this “room to grow”. This helped solve the still attached umbilical cord as well as cut down on my need for retail shopping.

So, what to do if you dropped your infant, make sure it’s on a soft surface, and in your dreams. Consequently, when you awake you should take every precaution to keep baby safe.


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