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What To Do With Kids When It's To Cold To Play Outside

Updated on October 28, 2012
My kids on a cold X-mas day
My kids on a cold X-mas day

Things to do when the weather well not let you'r kids play outside

There is a time when the weather will have your kids stuck inside. Sometimes it is just to cold, hot, or wet to let them be outside. For some reason on days like this kids seem to be in, for fight with everything. Here are some tips to make the cold days flyby for both you and your kids. Keep anything age appropriate. Younger kids have short attention spans while older kids need things to engage them.

(1) Cook together Make breakfast together like monkey bread, and sausage balls. A favorite of my kids, Make cookies, pies, or cakes, or all the above.

(2) Do art and crafts= color, make jewelry, sock pupate, noodle art, or even instruments them put on a consent or art exhibit. and bring some money with you so you can " buy the art. or tickets"

(3) Help you kids put on a play, help them get dressed up decide what to do a play on, then sit back a watch.

(4) Play games any type of games board, video or things like hide and seek. Younger kids will even help you clean if you make it a game.

(5) Make popcorn and watch movies together From your child favorite to something new.

(6) Stories- Read books or make up stories together. you can even make a tent out of sheets in your living room and tell scary stories.

(7) Dance- Turn up the music and have a dance companion or just dance with your child for fun.

Most of all have fun!!


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