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When Poor Was A Treasure Lost.

Updated on November 3, 2009


When Poor Was A Treasure Lost.


A long time back
when I was young
and life was trouble free
I lived upon a happy block
of kids and willow trees.

It wasn't much too look at
but we loved it just the same
and though some people called it slums
we never felt the shame.

In wintertime our un-gloved hands
we covered with some socks,
in summertime it was such fun
to frolic in a box.

Pretty Danielle Nousek
was the first love of my life,
how oft' I prayed to Jesus
that she'd some day be my wife.

We used to laugh at poverty
she'd smile, enrich my day,
and though of love we seldom spoke
I knew she cared someway.

We'd sit and talk of good times
our problems we would share,
and though we never ever kissed
in dreams her lips were there.

But people who lived better said,
Our "Briardale" patch of town,
those shabby homes in which we lived
must some how be torn down.

And so upon a summer day
we had to move away,
from all our friends and bid farewell,
to where we loved to play.

Dani stood upon her porch
and sadly waved goodbye
as sunlight cast a diamond gleam
on the teardrops in her eyes.

So now I cherish every day
and treasure every friend
lest some day soon in grief I find
I've lost it all again.


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    • Randy Behavior profile image

      Randy Behavior 8 years ago from Near the Ocean

      Aww, its so easy for you to make me sad.