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Where Has the Respect Gone?

Updated on October 11, 2009

Has America Lost All Respect

I just came back from a really fine vacation and I'm afraid I have to say, it looks as if America has lost all respect for themselves. When you walk in a door behind someone there is no more holding the door out of respect for the person behind them, or when you allow someone to jump in ahead of you there is no more thank you. When someone ask for directions it's like you owe them something because there is no thank you, they just walk away. So don't expect it I guess and you won't be disappointed. Teens act as if no one ever told them it is out of respect that you are nice to your neighbor or you need to respect yourself. It's as if no one else exists but them and it not just teens. Mary Wortley Montague once said "civility costs nothing and buys everything" and Fred Astaire said "The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any". That sounds just about right to me.

I have never been so disappointed with my fellow countrymen. Just looking at them makes me cringe. This is what our country has to look forward to. A bunch off tattooed fools with their pants half way down their butts and this is not just a black thing. Don't even go there! Someone dropped the ball when it came to teaching these kids how to respect themselves. How can you respect your fellow man if you don't, number one, respect yourself? Is this what the government is teaching in schools or allowing? It's like you have to impress the fool next to you to be accepted in society and the worse you look the better. Folks use to think goatees and tattoos were for beatniks only. Now anyone that has a few dollars in their pockets thinks by disfiguring their bodies it is cool. Just so long as they can impress some high school drop out. Wow. That is disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I realize their are others that get tattoos beside those that don't give a damn about their education or the ones around them, but to me they are just as ridiculous ruining the body given to them by their maker. It just does not make since. Their again I think it comes down to respect and they were taught it they would not do it.

The people throwing trash out the windows of their cars and on the sidewalks are another sign of a vary disrespectful community. That's all I will say about that.

We are not a third world country as of yet, although it seems Mr. Obama is sending us in that direction with all of his ridiculous spending, printing money with nothing to back it up, czars, and other un-american activities he does on a daily basis ( and he wants American's to curb their spending with credit cards, give me a break ). Why don't you people act like: #1. You care about yourself, #2. You care about your fellow man, and last but not least be thankful that you have it so good and are lucky enough to be living in such a great country. You could have been born eating grub worms off the ground or hoping to luck out and find a piece of leftover carcass on some wilderness that you could pull a bite of meat that would fill your swollen belly for a few days left over from some wild animal that already had it's fill. Enjoy this wonderful country while you can because I think we are in for a big surprise. Don't take her for granted. If you are a parent do more than put food on the table. Teach your children respect.

I work in security and right across the busy street last night, one half block from the busiest entertainment & gathering spot in town, on a Saturday night, where people walk every few minutes a Latino, acting like he was the only person in town, unzipped his pants and urinated right off the sidewalk of the busy street. Not caring if any small children or adults that actually were civilized and trained in the area of whats against the law and whats not, were walking by. After wards the guy was walking with the two girls he arrived with and he shook one of their hands in one of those buddy shakes after she had made some cute comment about him peeing in the street. At that point he said, oh, by the way, I did not was my hands and she acted like she had the plague, DUH!
I don't know if he was Americanized or came by way of the Rio Grand, all I know is I don't want the manners of a third world country here in America. We, most of us, were not raised like that. It must have been taught in public school.

God Bless you and God Bless America


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    • profile image

      Ginosblog 7 years ago

      Our Government would rather teach how to overthrow a government in the schools than manners and how to respect each other and the things you get in return. Feeling good about yourself.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I agree with those who have already stated that manners, respect and ediquette used to always be taught in the home and handed down from generation to generation. When I was growing up we addressed teachers as Mr. or Mrs. (Name) and in the south we responded to said names with a "Yes Mam or No Sir." Now kids call their teachers by their first name in many cases. Respect for elders has "left the train station" and holding doors...? A few nice people still do that and they always get a "thank you" from me. Litter...don't they realize that SOMEBODY has to clean it up and that in many cases their tax money is put to that use. So silly. Easy to turn this into a rant! Sad state of affairs.

    • profile image

      seth Adkins 7 years ago

      "Is this what the government is teaching in schools or allowing"

      here is your problem. We stopped the parents from being parents, and in doing so we stopped the real education. Respect comes from something of value placing value on something else. Your parents teach you values, then you get them. Schools are not looked upon as valuable. Students "have to go to school" they don't get to. They hate it. While there, they resent the teachers and all types of authority because the power has been taken from where it belongs, the home and place in the hands of the children themselves.

      "you can do what ever you want" or you can be who ever you want. while in theory that is a wonderful statement, it has become you can do or be whatever you want in spite of the authority who is helping you become that.

      We have taught our nation to question everything that is truth and absorb everything that is a lie. Especially from our government, who is the one currently educating all of these lambs being led to slaughter.

    • ginosblog profile image

      ginosblog 8 years ago from Florida

      I have been optimistic to long and the ole saying, "things will change" has not come to pass. It has only become worse. You drive down the street and people think throwing trash out the window is status quo and certain cultures don't even know how what it means to throw trash in the can. You can be optimistic and I am going be pessimistic and ask that they have a little forethought and take their trash home and throw it in their own yard or throw it in the trash can.

    • profile image

      R.G. San Ramon 8 years ago

      I know what you mean; and yes, people change. I hope you be more optimistic. About that Irish lady you mentioned... When I was 7 years old, my mom taught me that I should never throw any trash on the streets and in any public setting, that I should always bring a bag at my pocket, collect my own trash, and bring them home, if I cannot find any trash bin on the way. She said that it's better to bring home your own dirt than bring them out, or else I'll be plaguing the country slowly, but surely. I recognized the wisdom in those words, and since then, I never thought of doing what most adults would do on public places. However, after 10 years, my mother changed. I saw her in one instance how she threw a candy wrapper out the window while the jeepney was moving, and I scolded her!

      There was an ad here in the Philippines that say, "Sa mata ng bata...Kung ano ang nakikita sa matatanda siyang gagayahin ng mga bata," which can be translated to, "In the eyes of a child...What the child sees with adults, the child mirrors."

      You see, children oftentimes copy what adults do; and should my mom never taught me that thing about bringing home your own trash, I would have tried to imitate what other adults do. Discipline and respect are taught. The more we have people who care to share about these values to the youth, or even to those adults who forgot (or who don't know) what these values mean, the more respect and discipline we will observe, not only in your country, but in the whole world as well.

      This might sound too idealistic. But like what you said, someone has to take the lead. And I think everyone deserves to be a leader in this field.

    • ginosblog profile image

      ginosblog 8 years ago from Florida

      This is a civilized nation or it used to be anyway, and I really don't think you have to be taught respect that it should fall under the old rule of "do unto others as you woukld have them do to you". Did you have to be actually taught that? Why is it important to disrespect others just to get a laugh from your d.. a.. buds or friends and yes this is directed to the youth of this country that fall into that catagory. As far as adults, my wife just told me of a situation yesterday about an Irish lady that works with her that thinks she is Mrs. perfect. She opened a piece of candy and dropped the trash right on the floor. My wife said her name in surprise and she laughed when she was caught. It just takes a second to respect yourself and others and not show your ignorance. You know, some people show their ignorance by opening their mouths and others show it in other ways. We have 100s of thousands of folks in jails that showed their ignorance. Take the the public schools, ie,,, What good is it to pass all these "Stop the Bullying Laws", if no one acts on them and look at the classrooms that are so loud you can't hear the teacher. It's all of their faults. Someone has to take the lead. This was a civilized country at one time. What happenned. It is politically incorrect to say what you think or I would expand on this issue. Everybody wants to be like someone else and it's not working. The worse you look, the more you curse, the worse you treat your mate, the more unruly you are in class, the cooler you are. DUH...and ie,,,Professor Gates of recent notoriety, went to court to say that as far as blacks go, it's their culture. Go figure...Gates is a college professor. Is this what they teach in college? No wonder so many grads are out of work!

    • profile image

      R.G. San Ramon 8 years ago

      In your hub you sounded like disrespectful teenagers are the ones to be blamed...but your recent comment showed that you think parents are also a factor for learning respect. I see the same way too. Perhaps the disrespectful youth you referred to in your hub were not taught respect, especially by their parents (or primary care-givers), or that they themselves were not even respected by those who demand respect from them. Perhaps it's my bias on children; that they are more easily shaped than adults, and what they show is a reflection of what they have, so far, experienced in life.

    • ginosblog profile image

      ginosblog 8 years ago from Florida

      Thank you for the response. I'm glad there is at least two of us left that our parents took the time to show us how to be nice to the world and ourselves.

    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 8 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      The disrespect in this nation is something else, isn't it? Every spring, when the snow has melted, we spend time cleaning up the sides of the road where people have thrown their trash. It is disgusting what is left behind,and how few care.

      I am so glad that there are people who still care and show courtesy, even if they are in the minority!