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Find Good Deals On Baby Products!

Updated on March 20, 2017
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Britta is a former radiologic technologist and current stay-at-home mom who enjoys writing about parenting and raising her sweet daughter.

Top Three Options For Maximum Savings

It wasn't until I had a baby that I discovered just how little they use most of their gear. You can find clothes, toys, and products second hand or discounted that can save you money, which is essential when you are on a tight budget. I compiled a short list of go-to places when looking for low cost baby gear.

Consignment Stores

Consignment stores hold a wealth of second hand clothes, toys, and gear. I utilize these stores mostly for the gear, you can find swings and rockers at half price and although (if this is your first) it may seem a little icky, I promise you that your wallet will thank you. Babies grow out and bored of these products very quickly. I would wash/disinfect any items you purchase before use just to be safe.


Social media is a goldmine of all things baby related. Not only can you use your friends and family as resources, several communities have popped up across Facebook dedicated to parents for anything from advice to used baby gear. Take the plunge and join a page dedicated to gear swapping and take advantage of the new marketplace that Facebook has added to its platform and search for nearby items for affordable prices.

Retail Bargains

Not only do chain stores like Walmart and Target typically have constant sales for baby gear, you can receive discounts and coupons just for starting up a registry through the store. Registering will typically get you an automatic discount on your items listed right out of the door, along with a gift bag of goodies that are usually handed over for free simply for creating a registry. While Walmart is typically marked down as low as possible for brand new items, search Target for clearance items when the seasons change or the typical end caps in the baby aisle.

Where did you find your bargain baby gear?

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