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Why Bamboo Microfiber Is the Number 1 of All Types of Cloth Diaper Inserts

Updated on November 14, 2017

After I decided on the brand to use for cloth diapers, I consulted every website that I could about inserts. It turned out, however, that you could not really know much about inserts until you tried them yourself. I had the impression based on reviews that hemp inserts were the best, but then experience told me they were not.

I bought four types of inserts to use for my baby, and here’s the result of my observation:

  • Microfiber. They are the standard inserts for most brands of diapers. They consist of three layers of polyester fabric, soft and white in color. While they are the cheapest of all other types of inserts, they are also the least absorbent. If you have a baby boy who is a heavy wetter, microfiber inserts are not advisable. Another downside for this type is that it is not as durable as all the others. It is not likely to last a year or so of regular washing. I would give it a score of 4.

  • Hemp. I am not really sure about what hemp inserts are made of, but they feel like the material used on jeans. Having said that, you should have the idea that they are a little rough and inflexible. Maybe, that is what makes them the most durable of all the inserts I have tried. Hemp inserts are very absorbent, there is no question about that. But I noticed that they got smaller after a month of use. Hemp inserts also get deformed easily especially when wet. You will have to stretch it back to its normal shape to fit inside a diaper pocket. On the scale of 1 to 4, with 1 as the highest, I would rate it 3.

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  • Charcoal bamboo. Charcoal bamboo inserts are the thickest as they are made up of five layers of cloth. They are very soft on the skin, they will not scrape even when placed directly against the bottom of your little one. They also dry faster than most other types, are durable, and do not deform even when being washed. One thing that I have against charcoal bamboo inserts, however, is that they are slow absorbers. Some say that it will take several washing before they reach their full absorbency level. Well, I have been using them for six months now but have not noticed any improvement. In spite of that, however, I like them better than hemp and microfiber inserts. I would rate it 2.

  • Bamboo microfiber. Bamboo microfiber inserts are a four-layer combination of bamboo and polyester materials. It may not be as soft as bamboo charcoal but soft enough to give the comfort I want for my baby. Above all, it is the most absorbent of the four types of inserts I have used. It is actually the inserts I used during sleep time, when my baby pees a lot. There are no leaks for this type of inserts. The only way that I could tell if the diaper needs changing is to place my fingers inside the pocket and touch the inserts directly. Bamboo microfiber inserts are the number 1 for me.

It is important to note that I use two inserts at a time on two reasons. First, one is not enough to hold his pee. Second, a single insert inside the cover makes the diaper too easy to deform and to not stay in place, which causes leaks. Others mommies would use three inserts at night time. I tried that too, but did not like the result. It made the diaper too bulky and heavy. It also placed my baby’s bottom higher than the rest of his body while in lying position.

Note: I do not want the readers to think that this is a marketing propaganda for bamboo microfiber inserts, so I will not include any detail about where you can buy them.

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    • profile image

      Jen 2 months ago

      Thanks for the info. Can you also give some tips on which type or brand of cloth diapers is the best to use?