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Being a Full Time Mum

Updated on June 30, 2011

High Flying Career Vs Being There For The Kids

It has been said that it's not possible to " Have your cake and to eat it". To have a top position in a prestigious company, well groomed kids and an immaculate home. Something will have to give and there will have to be so sacrifice in terms of career progression or family life.

There is only one of you and it's impossible for you to be at two places at the same time. Even though mums are well know for multitasking with both job and family needing my attention my priority is certainly on the family.

No doubt with a high flying career you will be able to afford all the variousĀ  material items which your children may want but you personally will not be able to witness the milestones that they go through as they grow up.

I personally find that there is no way you can enjoy the growing up years and build up lifelong bonds with your kids if you are never there for them. There will always be more work, more projects and meetings to attend to. It is never ending. However if you miss out on your child's childhood years there is no turning back the clock to relieve the moments.

You Mean I Am of Value?

Many people have the misconception that once you are not actively pursuing the corporate ladder you are of lesser value to society.

A person's worth is not measured by their physical assets or the number of qualifications but the impact that they are able to create on others.~Dominique

Once the child exits from your womb your mum duties start. You are on call 24/7 to attend to the helpless infant.

To be there to supervise, discipline and educate the child are the key essentials of the "MOM" job. I feel that one would have FAILED If you are totally disinterested in the well being and growth of a child.

Being a mother,I am in the best position to know what my child needs and wants and how to cater for their physical and mental development. Even though I may not have the answers to all the questions and problems which I face, I am sure with help from others and through personal experience I will be able to give them the A-Star treatment which they deserve.

It's only through careful nurturing will the kids be able to turn out to be independent and able to contribute to society.

There is a lot which you can do as a mum and it's through trial and error that you will learn what is most suitable for your child.


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