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Why I care so much

Updated on July 26, 2011
Not a happy place
Not a happy place
A happy place
A happy place

Why I care so much

Before we get started this morning, I would like you to look around you and try to find a hard working happy person. Most of us over 50 years old have been under the illusion that if you work hard and support your family and believe in God everything will be alright.

How do we get back into the grove of living, our every movement is being watched and decisions being made on our behalf without the slightest input from us. As the next generation moves closer to retirement and further away from the productive world we knew and loved we are left wondering. What was the purpose for our whole existence?

For some of you younger adults who read this and call me waked, your day will come soon enough just set tight.

If you look around in every little town and village where people have been living and dying for years believing in a system of fair play and teaching their children the same. This life sounds like a fairy tale to most people living in Americas largest cities, but in their heart they know that their life is in a busy non directional continuum with no way out.

We are just too busy to even smell the fresh air and look into the sky and dream a little like we did when we were kids. Are we not more important than the lonely little ants that are bread for one sole purpose in life and that is to serve the queen? Once I get your attention and you realize we are missing something in life so important that it might give cause for you to do something kind or just be generous to someone you don’t even know.

Slamming the President or all the president’s men won’t help today or even in the next few years. I truly believe we as humans live and travel from a dimension family values to one of work where we have to do things we may not agree with just to make a living and support our family. On the obverse most of us bring our work home and terrorize our wife and kids to be quiet until daddy is finished with his home work. What’s wrong with this picture you ask, just try to bring your happiness and logical opinions to work with you and see how far you get telling the other employees.

I’m choosing to be happy from now on, that doesn’t mean we lose respect for our employers or the public we serve, however we do bring down the walls of discourtesy and learn to communicate better in a voice that reflects kindness to all. My friends try this for just one afternoon and see what happens. You may find that not everyone is accepting of your new personality merely because they may be on the fast tract of working success or have other family problems that interfere in normal relations with others.

We can’t solve the words problems now or ever it’s just not our job so how about picking a problem closer to your own heart where your actions have a direct bearing on others much close to home. There will always be questions that need asking and answers that we might not agree with because people are not always on the same page at home or work.

I suggest you find out what works for you and your family and leave work at home perhaps you and the wife can celebrate your 30th anniversary as we just did.


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