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Why Many Chinese Likes Dragon Babies

Updated on January 21, 2012

Chinese traditions

Just like in many other cultures there are various traditions to follow. The same in Chinese culture for all the Chinese people around the world. The Chinese culture is one of the most interesting culture you could explore if you really take the time to do so. There are basically the Ying and Yang for Feng Shui, the importance of family reunion dinner during Chinese New Year and the best dates and time for weddings, newborn babies, and so forth.

Basically, these dates and timings are planned especially for weddings and new born babies, it is said the Dragon year is the best year to have a baby or plan for a family. Why it is so, read all about the Chinese traditions in this hub if you would like to know more.

Dragon year

The year of the Dragon is said to be the most successful, vibrant and prosperous year to start a family. It is also said that those who embark on business would prosper not only a ten fold or so but many folds. This year 2012 is said to be a water dragon year. There are different years that means differently like there are also wood dragon, earth dragon and the wind dragon. Each year is repeated over a twelve years span. This is the same for other Chinese zodiac years as well.

Dragon year is the year you would see many lessons on pregnancies, ladies busy planning and arranging for the best time to start a family. Hospitals and schools would be busy in preparing more space to accommodate the many dragon babies despite the limited spaces available.

Dragon babies

Why many couples, especially the Chinese likes to have a dragon baby? There is a logic reason behind this culture traditions. It is said that dragon babies are intelligent, happy, handsome and pretty plus they are veracious as well. Which makes it an irresistible reason to not have a baby dragon at least either one of your kids if not the first born. The character of a Dragon baby brings much luck and good things to the family as the Dragon carries a strong leadership skills as well in characteristics. Do you not want this in your kids? You would definitely think it is nonsense to think it this way but the Chinese believe in nature powers as well as hard work thus, their belief in Feng Shui, Ying and Yang and Chinese Zodiac.

Hence, that said, it does not mean the other year babies are of no use or brings lesser luck and what not. It is mainly what you want for a baby or rather think that way or believe in your personal cultures and preference. There are many ways to instill the smartness for a child to be intelligent or rather as smart as he or she could be. Traditions and beliefs should be passed down to next generations as they are important and part of history for all to know and remember despite the hardship and how they have been so blessed to this very day of modern lifestyle. Have fun in planning and ushering the year of the Dragon with your bundle of joy!


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    • hbng profile image

      hbng 6 years ago from Malaysia

      wow.. hecate that's wonderful! tks fr the comment! :)

    • hecate-horus profile image

      hecate-horus 6 years ago from Rowland Woods

      I have a "Dragon" baby, and she has all the qualities your described...of course, so does my "Year of The Sheep" baby. :) Interesting hub, thank you!