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Why are Todays's children like this?

Updated on July 6, 2012

The whole society is interlinked in many ways. The character, personality, and identity of a person are shaped through many different means. An individual can influence a society and vice versa. They all seem complex, right? Yes, it is indeed a complex thing.

Children learn many things by watching. One can teach them, but if our children see us as selfish and disrespectful or see others in the society who are like that and still enjoy power and position, then they will unconsciously emulate and imitate precisely what they assess and see. Some of our movies and even cartoons portray certain negative characters as successful or acceptable. Certain negative behaviors are given too much prominence and give the impression that having those negative behaviors is “okay”. Children often get fascinated by what they see in the movies or cartoons or serials and try to emulate the characters. Movies can give a lot of wrong messages about respecting women, sex, love, work ethics, drugs and alcohol. There are lot of cases where children think smoking, drugs or alcohol is cool. Clothing is another indication that the movies are wrongly influencing our children. Most aggressive children are fans of action movies. Children who are heavily influenced by movies tend to be distracted with studies, peculiar in social situations and emotionally unstable. Some live in a dream land. Studies across the world show that most children in their pre-teen and teenage years believe what they see in the movies to be true.

Unlimited access to anything and everything through media, children's identities are being skewed. Internet is another influencing factor these days. Usually the ideals and beliefs are passed on from one generation to the next, but what happens when everything they see outside their home contradicts what they know to be true? Many children mimic or take on personality traits of people around them. If these children are overly exposed to certain pop culture, some part of their newly formed identity will be based on this culture.

The moral is declining everywhere in the World. Children disrespect their elders, disobey their parents, riot on streets and rebel at home. Bad parenting is one factor that is contributing to this. The lack of care and concern or even love, lack of time for each other is creating homes where no values are taught. Respect, social graces, manners, politeness, courtesy, kindness, caring, love, affection, sharing, tolerance for other fellow human beings and living things have become old fashioned or out of date. But parents alone are not the culprits here. Teachers, other elders in the family, the society as a whole is also equally responsible for this moral erosion. Today, most of the parents do not have the time, but reach home tired and stressed out due to work pressures and are not able to keep their cool at home. Teachers are less committed than before. Schools are more profit oriented. People are no longer kind, understanding and considerate. Companies do not value employees who do the right thing. Society itself is messed up; nobody takes the responsibility for their mistakes. The world is geared toward brushing things off, making excuses and getting away with anything one could.

Problem does not lie on the kids. Kids are kids. It is we adults who should mould them into responsible adults. When we ourselves are faulted, what are we going to teach them? So, why are we crying over this mess? Let each one of us try to do our part to impart the best to our children and hope for the best!


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