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Why Do You Stupid People Lie About Things Instead of Being Honest

Updated on April 6, 2011

Throughout the years I often wondered why people lie. When I was a kid my only brother lied about everything, even stupid things he didnt have to lie about. I can remember my mom saying if my brother said it was raining out she would have to go look and she was right, I never believed a word he said eithor.When I was a kid I fibbed a few times only because I didnt wanna get in trouble or I didnt want to get my brother in trouble so my mom wasn't in a bad mood. When my brothers progress reports would come from the school, I would hide them. What a nice sister I was. Now if I dont want to talk about something or dont wanna someone to know things I sinply say I dont want to discuss it especially when my mother asks questions on certain things. Some things are just kept personal.

As I got older I went from one failed relationship to another and even one failed marriage and lieing was a big part of every one. People lie to loved ones because it is easier. They lie to loved ones because telling the truth may be more painful. although I never believed a word my husband ever said and would always look into what he was saying. Eventually I devorced him. His lieing just made it so I could not trust him any longer. I always told him if he just told me the truth I would be much happier and except what he had done but he didnt listen.

 I instilled the same things in my daughter and told her nomatter what she does she is still my daughter and please dont lie to me because then I cant believe a single word you say. My daughter reminds me alot of my brother with her lieing. One time when she was around ten, she went to school with make-up on her one eye. She told her friend that her mom had hit her. Luckely I knew her friend, who had came to me and told me of the lie Kala had told. I believe sometimes Kala lies for attention but she dont realize her lies can get her mom in big trouble.

How to tell when someones lieing

1. Sometimes the person will look down or away from you to avoid eye contact

2. Body language is a good sign. Is the person fidgeting or acting nervous?

3. Change in voice type. Is the person talking in a higher or lower pitch?

4. Is the person contracting there story or telling a different story then told earlier?

 Some people lie more then others, it is just another human trait but if it gets out of hand, seek the help of a therapist.

 Want to read more on why people lie? Amazon sells some great books on lieing. Pick up a good copy today.


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    • profile image

      Anne 7 years ago

      Hello there!!! How's you going?I now smiling here I can see myself in you,your so me.But the only thing is I am still single at the ages of 36 Lol..I had so much fun being single and I don't know where can I find my half Lol ..I enjoy reading your topic.Aquarian like writing, cooking and most of the guys are scared of us cos were big thing when it comes to house.Keep up the good work and more blessings ..If you have a chance drop me a line woodrabbit75atlivedotcomdatau. I put that in words cos I had no idea if they allow here.Kisses

    • richtwf profile image

      richtwf 7 years ago

      Like to share a quote:

      'A truth that's told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent.' William Blake

      Why do a lot of people lie? Probably because they fear the consequences of telling the truth. For children it might be the fear of punishment for something they did wrong.

      As we become older with each passing day, we should each of us become more honest with ourselves.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • samsons1 profile image

      Sam 7 years ago from Tennessee

      my mom always told me, "If you tell one lie, it will take at least two more to cover it up" I find it very simple to not lie - then you don't have to try to cover it with another lie.

      good luck...