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Wireless Intercom Caregiver Communication Tools For The Elderly Or Disabled

Updated on November 21, 2012

Intercom Systems Make Caregiving For An Aging Parent Easier

Baby Boomers are the largest segment of the population and many of them are now caregivers for aging parents. Not only are they taking care of them, a parent may even be moving in with them.

Baby Boomers have also been one of the most prosperous groups of people and therefore they have larger homes, which fortunately allows them to accommodate an aging parent. But one problem with these larger homes is that rooms are farther apart, which can create communication issues.

An intercom system can solve this communication problem between the Baby Boomer and the parent. With wireless intercoms strategically placed around the house, the parent can call for assistance when needed. There are even wireless intercoms for use in the shower.

Once an intercom system is installed, it creates a much safer environment for the aging parent.

wireless intercom system

Wireless Intercom For Caregivers
Wireless Intercom For Caregivers


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    • profile image

      Joven 6 years ago

      I think I should also get my mom this one. This is very ideal for easy communication between her and her caregiver within the house. Right now, what she only has is a Just5 cell phone, which is also very helpful for her communication to people who are distant from her. This device is something that the elderly should also check out as this is equipped with PERS features as well, which means that this is also capable to enhance the safety of the phone user.