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Wise Ninja Master Teach Me A Lesson

Updated on April 26, 2013

Wise Ninja Master

Teach Me Kung Fu, Wise Ninja Master

One day, a young boy went to the wise ninja master. He asks: "Wise Ninja Master, teach me kung fu."

But he said. Child, you are not ready for kung fu. You must first gain understanding.

He was sad, because he really wanted to learn kung fu.

He looked at me and said, "Child, if you really want to learn kung fu, first you must learn wise ninja lessons. I will teach you, if you wish."

The young boy said, "Yes, I wish to learn these lessons, so I can learn kung fu."

"Okay," he said. "Then I will teach you first ninja lesson. First lesson: Ninja do not show off. If you show off, then you will look like a fool."

Ninjas Do Not Show Off

Feed Your Goldfish Once a Day

My Son, Kung Fu is for Defense

The wise ninja master says, "Kung fu is not for showing off. It is for defense."

The young boy agrees not to use kung fu to show off.

"Now my son, feed your goldfish once a day."

The young boys agrees to do this, not knowing why.

Wise ninja master tells me this teaches discipline.

When Will I Learn to Fight Ninja Master?

"Ninja master?"

"Yes, my son?"

"When will we learn kung fu?"

"I told you. You learn ninja wisdom before fight with nunchuks and swords."

"Why is this wise ninja master?"

"Simple, my son. I do not want you to cut yourself on blade. Dull boy lose many fingers. That's why I will give you wooden sword, when you are ready. Then you stay in one piece. Now I want you to go find a frog, and I want you to learn something from that frog."

"Okay, wise ninja master," the boy says.

"Then come back to me, and show me what you have learned."

A Frog Will Teach You Kung Fu

Frog Legs Don't Fail Me Now

The young boy searched the forest until he found a tree frog. He sat there on a leaf. He took a stick and waved it around. He did not move.

Finally he tried to touch it with a stick.

The tree frog was very agile and quick.

Picking up a leg he dodged the boy's poke. He reached again, and the tree frog moved away.

The young boy could not catch the frog. It was too quick.

The young boy went back to the wise ninja master.

"So, my son. What did you learn?"

"I cannot catch the frog, because he is too quick. He weaves in and out without effort."


"Master. When will you teach me kung fu?"

"Obviously, you are not ready. Come back tomorrow, if you still want to learn."

This is the Wise Ninja Master's Place

The Young Boy Wants to Learn Kung Fu

More determined than ever, the young boy left not knowing that he learned his first lesson in kung fu from the frog, the most agile of forest creatures.

Observation is first needed to master kung fu. The young boy did not know that he was learning. He wanted to be a ninja, but had no idea that it was not all fun and games.

If he perseveres, the young boy may actually learn kung fu. One day.


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