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Poor Men and Child Support

Updated on April 15, 2015

Every city has different rules when it come paying child support.Child support is cash payment given to the children to support the needs of the children.

The child support system have effected the lives of many low-income fathers who lives in poverty, with a failing economic.Some men and women live their lives on the run, running away the responsibility of supporting the children.

Fathers who don't pay child support should never be classified as "deadbeat" fathers because of the static of our economic.In some communities-of Poverty some men have abnegated there responsiveness to their children because of financial hardship.

Fifty percent Of fathers walks out on their families because they are engulf with guilt, embarrassment and shame . What is a child support order? This is a order that comes from a judge demanding payment from parents who leaves their children, without assistance.

Some Fathers and mothers walk away from their children thinking that they will never be held accountable, with no understanding of the Child support Laws.

Tony was a father who loved his children but could never make enough money to support the family, he walked out never looking back,placing all his responsibilities on the system.

In America one out of five children are owed money from their parents, who can no longer cope with a life of shame. These Parents walk away with no understanding of how the system works, when it come to supporting their children.

No fathers or mothers are never safe when they decide to walk away from their children who totally depends on them for support, it might takes years for the system to find you but they will. In some cases if you work your check will be garish or you could spend time in jail.




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