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Woolworths Select Comfort Fit Nappies Photo And Review

Updated on July 20, 2012

My daughter is currently wearing Woolworths Select Comfort Fit Unisex Nappies. They are silky and soft, a lot softer than other nappies such as Huggies. These nappies are almost fluffy, and they're inexpensive. You can buy them by the box which makes them even cheaper. I've picked up a box of 80 on special for $20 before, it makes them one of the cheaper Nappy's in Supermarkets. I haven't stuck with them because of the price though, they're actually the best nappies I've found available in my daughters size. After trying most of the disposable nappies in Supermarkets in Australia, my favourite ended up being the black and white packet of  WOOLWORTHS HOME BRAND NAPPIES but my local supermarkets are no longer stocking these in her size, it seems they've replaced that nappy and the packaging with an entirely new Home Brand nappy which is nothing at all like my old favourite!  So, she is currently wearing these Woolworths Select brand nappies in a size 4. Size 5 is pictured here, which are slightly bigger. Each size has the same aqua colour print and pastel motifs on them, they just get larger as you move up a size.

What I like about these nappies is - besides being soft and light-weight, they absorb without causing the inside layer to heat up. These nappies, even when full, seem quite cool and dry on the inside.

They are also a good size nappy to wear as a night nappy. My daughter sleeps 12 hours straight through the night and wakes up with a very full nappy and doesn't seem fussy.

The way the tabs are too, makes it easy for her to sit up comfortable without bits of the tabs digging into the top of her legs as some other nappies (Such as Huggies and Snugglers) do with their wider curved tabs. She seems more comfortable all round in these nappies.

What I don't like about them is they do seem a little bulky around the bottom when wearing them with short shorts, because of the longish crotch area. Her nappy will usually hang down on one side a little in baby shorts which don't allow nappy room. I've had to buy her some shorts in a bigger size for this reason.

Also, there is plenty of stretch at the sides near the tabs but no elastic in the back of the nappy, therefore it doesn't always look like it's a snug fit and I'm finding I often fold the back down a little because it's a little high up on her back. But that's going on looks, I like how it's thin and light weight at the back of the nappy at the top, I think it keeps bub a little cooler. 

These nappies are are promoted as having a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you don't like them you can take the packet back and receive a full refund. 

My daughter is definitely comfortable in these nappies, that's why I'd have to say I'll stick with these unless I can find a better nappy or I can find the black and white packaged Home Brand nappies in her size again!

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    • AustralianNappies profile image

      AustralianNappies 6 years ago from Australia

      Yes I totally agree. We've moved up to size 5 now. I'd be using them all the time too, except I opted to put my baby in the new BabyLove Nappy Pants during the day time, as I've returned to work and they're easier for Day Care, I don't have to worry if someone is putting them on my baby too tight, but I will stick with these Woolworths nappies as a night nappy as they are so comfortable, hold so much, and do not cause any skin irritations!

      Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      man 6 years ago

      these nappies are very good and relax for babbies. i use only these nappies for my babby.