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Yes, I Am the Mom That Does Everything for Her Kids

Updated on November 19, 2019
Monica Faye1983 profile image

Favorite verse to live by!! Psalm 46:5 God is within her, she will not Fail

They are amazing!!

Everyone says I'm raising lazy kids!!

You get 18 years with your kids. Then they become adults, and parents themselves. I am told it happens so fast. I love my kids with everything I have. They are my world. The thought of them growing older and moving away and not needing me anymore just pulls at my heart so much. That right there is why I choose to parent the way I do. Yes, people say it is wrong and I am only raising lazy kids that aren't ever going to be out on their own. I find that not true. My three kids will be strong and independent adults because of the way that I raise them. I want to share with you why I do what I do with my kids, and why I am positive they will be amazing adults.

Yes, I do just about everything for my kids. Knowing that I will not be doing these things for them much longer is heartbreaking to me. So as long as they are under age and live in my house I will continue to help them clean their room, wash their laundry, bring their clothes to them while they are in the shower because they forgot to grab them. I will take their plate to the kitchen sink when they are done eating. I will make them chocolate milk. I am going to clean up the chocolate milk if they spill it. I will take them to their friends houses and pick them up. I will allow them to sleep in my bed. Yes you can use my car. You forgot your lunch, I will bring you one to school. You forgot your phone charger at your Aunts house across town and its 9:00 pm, yes, get in the care and lets go get it. Yes, I do all that and more for my children. You all must think that I am just crazy!!

My children have all been taught how to do all of these things themselves. They will do these things if I'm not home, or if I don't have time. If they know that I have had a rough day at work. My children do for me as I do for them. I have always expressed to them that when they move out of the house that they will have to do all these things by themselves. They are very well capable of doing everything for themselves, because I have witnessed it.

So everyone is thinking I have spoiled little brats now! Well I will tell you this, they are far from spoiled. Now if I was just letting them get away with everything and not disciplining them, or letting them run the house, then yes they would be spoiled brats. My children get in trouble on a daily bases. They have daily chores, and they pay the consequenses when they have done wrong. They are not perfect by no means, but they are my children and I only have them for a short time. I am going to love them and raise them the way I want to raise them.

I have four things that I will make sure of before my children move out and start their own lives. 1. Love the Lord 2. Love yourself 3. Be respectful 4. Confidence is key to success.

1. Love the Lord: He will be on your side no matter what. Turn to him on your happiest days and your saddest day. He will carry you when you feel you can't carry yourself. Always Love our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Love yourself: You have to love yourself, because if you aren't happy with yourself then you will never be happy in life.

3. Be Respectful: You treat others the way you want to be treated. Always say please and thank you.

4. Confidence is key to success: If you want to succeed in life you have to have to believe that you will. If you don't have the confidence to try to do something then you will never know if you can do it.

People will continue to disagree with the way I raise my children, but I truly believe that my children will make me proud.

So to all the parents that are being judged on the way that you are raising your children, don't worry about what others think. Only you and the man above know whats best for you and your children.

My baby he will alwasys be!!
My baby he will alwasys be!!
My middle has outgrown his Momma!!
My middle has outgrown his Momma!!
She was my First born and my Best Friend
She was my First born and my Best Friend
They are the Best!!
They are the Best!!

© 2019 Monica Perry


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