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A to Z of parenting

Updated on February 1, 2016


Hello and welcome to my hub "A to Z of Parenting". Parenting is supporting the physical, emotional and intellectual development of your child. Parenting starts before your child is born. Good parenting plays a vital role in child's overall development. Here I share my experiences and aptitude of parenting as a mother.

As a mother I go through hell lot of emotional and physical changes in my routine.....

When I am out I think about my child. When I sleep, I dream about him, if he is asleep or moving here and there on bed. When he is ill I become sometimes conscious, sometimes strong enough to handle. Sometimes I get irritated of my routine, sometimes happy...

Hope you all enjoy this journey with me. All your comments, criticisms and suggestions are very welcome. Please do sign my guestbook at the bottom of this page.

Parenting 1 Month Old

Some points to know about your baby in this month are:

> The baby sees objects that are just 8-10 inches away but is unable to make out the details of the same.

> The baby is likely to lose weight in his first few days because babies are born with extra body fluid.

> Some innate refluxes with which the baby is born:

* He is able to suck for milk.

* As and when you keep your finger in his palm, he is likely to close his fist around it.

* Flaring his arms and legs out and pull them in.

> The baby can recognize sound which he hears in the womb, especially his parent's voices.

> The baby is able to pick out smell of his mother and breast milk.

Parenting 2 Months Old


Poll About Vaccines.

Did you get your baby all vaccinations done?

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Your first month with the baby.

Did you/your spouse face mood swings in post-partum?

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This is about feeding

What did you feed your baby?

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Poll Here:

What kind of bottles did you choose for your baby?

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Parenting 3 Months Old


Checking on your toddler's language at the age of 12 months.

At the age of 12 months, your toddler must do the following. If he doesn't, do consult his doctor:

> He/She can use gestures like shaking head, pointing out something or someone or waving his/her hands.

>He/She can say "Mumma" and "Daddy".

> He/she should respond to words like "No" or "Bye".

>He/She should say at least single words like "Car", "lights" etc.

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