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Angel Ride Preemie Car Bed

Updated on June 4, 2014

Having the right kind of a baby car seat is very important. Bringing baby home from the hospital is very exciting so you want to be very safe in the type of seat you use. There's a difference in car seats for preemies than regular ones. Preemies require a special car bed because of their low weight at birth. They are made special so they lay on the back, side or tummy. This is something I recently learned after visiting my niece who gave birth to a precious 4 lb 3 oz baby girl. She was very excited because her and baby were going home soon. She was telling me all about the car bed she was going to be using from the hospital because she wasn't expecting to deliver this early. The hospital staff brought her a folder of information and inside it was pamphlet all about them plus a photo that she showed me. I'd never seen one before but it sure made a lot of sense there were special car seats for preemies.

I even learned something new that preemie babies have to be tested in their car seats now. My niece will have to return to the hospital with the car seat they have and the baby will have to sit in it for 90 minutes and be hooked up to a monitor while in the seat to make sure the breathing is fine for that amount of time. If baby passes the test; then your all set. If not they may have to stay a little longer in the hospital until it becomes acceptable. I'm not sure if this test is for all babies or just preemies but it sounded like it might be. That is new from when I had my babies. I think its good that safety measures are taken. You want your baby to be safe while riding in the vehicle.

Just to let you all know; my great niece passed the test and got to go home. She is doing very well for being born early. What a precious little bundle she is!

Dream Rides

There are different styles of preemie car beds. Here is another one that you might consider. It looks like your preemie would be nice and snuggled up in this car bed.

Safety 1st Car Bed
Safety 1st Car Bed

This is special car bed for preemies. It is designed for them to lay down instead of sitting in until they are ready to move into a regular infant seat.


Photo Gallery

Baby buckled up in car bed. Photo by the
Baby buckled up in car bed. Photo by the

Here is a video of a preemie sitting in a car seat being tested to see it can handle it. It looks like a lot but your preemie needs to be safe! I'm glad that these safety tests are done.

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