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Baby Bath Thermometers

Updated on April 13, 2014

The top baby bath thermometers

Having a baby bath thermometer is great when you have a newborn as it gives you that extra piece of mind you have the water at the correct temperature. Of course you should always still check the bath water by dipping your elbow in the bath, just in case the bath thermometer fails. But I know as a first time parent you are often still a bit clueless as to what the temperature should be. It feels alright - but is this too hot? Is this too cold?

A baby's skin is a lot more sensitive then ours so even though the water feels fine to use it my a feel too hot or too cold for them.

A baby bath thermometer just alleviates any worries about the temperature of the water you may have.

Read on for the best baby bath thermometers below.

Tips on Water Temperature for Babies

Having a baby thermometer gives you peace of mind and they are quick and a convenient way of checking the bath water, but you should still have a check of the water yourself. Also, what do you do if you are somewhere without your thermometer (perhaps on vacation or staying at a friend's house). Here are some tips for ensuring the water temperature is correct for a baby.

- When running a bath for a baby always put the cold water in first. Therefore you will never run the hot water and forget to put cold in.

- I always check the bathwater by putting in the whole of my forearm. This is where the skin is most sensitive so if it is too warm for your baby you should be able to tell. The water should feel comfortably warm on your arm - not hot or cold.

- If you are unsure get a second opinion. Quite often I ask my son to check the temperature of the bathwater. He's 6 so his skin is more sensitive then mine. But another adult is fine too.

- You will become more confident when you are running a baby bath everyday.

- Make sure the room is also warm when bathing your baby. Babies can lose heat quickly so as soon as you take baby out of the bath water make sure he/she is wrapped up in a hooded towel to stop heat escaping.

Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm, Green

AQUATOPIA Digital Audible Alarm, Floating Safety Bath Thermometer – beeps when too hot or too cold
AQUATOPIA Digital Audible Alarm, Floating Safety Bath Thermometer – beeps when too hot or too cold

Measure the temperature every 2 seconds.The thermometer alerts you with an audible alarm if the water is too hot, above 100.4 degree F, and another alarm if the water is too cold, below 89.6 degree F. This battery powered and water activated thermometer automatically activates when placed in water and de-activates when taken out. It is fully tested to meet all necessary safety standardsAlso makes a great toys It is easy to use with no buttons.


Turtlemeter - the bath toy and thermometer

Ozeri Turtlemeter The Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer
Ozeri Turtlemeter The Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

This is a great option of bath thermometer as it doubles up as a floating bath toy for babies too. The thermometer is safe for babies to play with.It instantly reads the temperature as soon as it's put in the bath. It continues to take the temperature every second and display it in Fahrenheit on an easy-to-read LCD.It also has a color coded screen showing blue for cold, green for just right and red for hot.


Correct Temperature of a Baby's Bath Water?

Why is it important to have the correct temperature for your baby's bath?

It goes without saying that having water too hot could scald your baby in the bathwater. But likewise if the baby's bath water is too cold, it could lead to their body temperature lowering too. You should also ensure the room you are undressing and bathing the baby is warm to avoid them losing body heat.

What is the Correct Temperature for the Baby's Bath Water?

Put your wrist or elbow in the water to test the water. The temperature should be around feel comfortably warm to an adult.

The temperature should be around 38 degrees C (around 100 degrees F). Source :

Photo courtesty of phanlop88 /

Safety 1st Bath Pal Thermometer

Safety 1st Bath Pal Thermometer, Frog
Safety 1st Bath Pal Thermometer, Frog

The advantage this has over the above thermometer is that its a lot cheaper. If your just looking for a thermometer to give peace of mind, than this is a good choice. * Thermometer strip helps assure a comfortable bath temperature * Friendly frog tub toy makes bath time fun * Bath toy and thermometer all-in-one


Duck Temp Guard

Safety 1st Temp Guard, Duck
Safety 1st Temp Guard, Duck

This isn't a thermometer as such but a temp guard which lets you know when the water is too hot for your baby. * Temp guard lets you know when the water is too hot for baby * Classic rubbery ducky design * Durable vinyl


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