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Best Baby Car Seat Covers

Updated on July 28, 2009

There are several reasons why you should consider buying baby car seat covers.  While some baby car seats come equipped with a type of padded covering, often these are either difficult to detach from the actual car seat to clean, or they are uncomfortable for baby to sit in.  As an example, plastic or vinyl car seats are very uncomfortable for baby to stay in for long when it's hot whereas covering the seat with a comfortable cover makes it cozy.  Baby seat covers also add extra padding and prevent your little one from inadvertently banging himself when the car goes over a bump. Providing a suitable car seat cover can make all the difference between your baby having a comfortable trip or being unsettled and unhappy while traveling. 

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A simple solution to always having a fresh, clean cover on hand is to buy two baby car seat covers.  Babies are notorious for making messes in their car seats. There's dozens of different little accidents or spills that could happen during the course of a trip--anything from spilling something on it, smearing softened cracker over it, spitting up etc.  Being able to cover the car seat affords protection to the actual seat itself and makes it very easy and simple to clean up after baby.  While one car seat cover would suffice, having that extra one could make all the difference on a longer trip or during rainy days when you aren't able to get all the laundry dry.

In choosing a baby car seat cover you may want to choose the color carefully. While darker colors stay cleaner for longer, they attract heat and can sometimes be too hot to put baby directly onto. Although this wouldn't normally be a problem during the cooler months it is something to take into consideration during the warmer summer months.  Buying a patterned cover is a good option as it's more difficult to notice little stains or spills and they generally look a little neater and clean.  Some covers are reversible so you can turn them over if they are a little soiled, although it is far better to actually wash the cover as soon as possible as ants and other pests are attracted to soiled material.

Some car seat covers are lined with fleece.  This adds extra padding, comfort and warmth to baby during the fall and winter months.  They are difficult to keep clean, however, and aren't really suitable for using during summer.  If you choose to buy a fleece baby car seat cover you may want to invest in an additional summer cover set for when the weather heats up.

Machine washable baby car seat covers are probably the wisest buy because of the ease of cleaning.  There are currently many different car seat covers available online and in baby shops.  These days, most infant car seat covers are designed to fit most of the major brands of baby car seats and with the huge variety of patterns and colors to choose from you shouldn't have any problems finding the right infant car seat cover for your little one.


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