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Baby Mobiles the Gift a Mother and Child Should Never Be Without

Updated on April 29, 2011

352,000 Babies Born A Day

Baby showers, newborn parties, coworker had a baby, neighbor had a baby, need I go on? So what to get: clothes-grow out of them to soon, diapers-yeah that says you really thought about it Ha!, rattles and blankets-O.K. were 3 and 0, a gift card- and that’s real personal, wait how about a baby mobile. BINGO

There are over 4 million babies born in the US every year and over 130 million born worldwide that’s over 352,000 a day. So odds are sooner or later guess who is going to be getting a baby shower gift.

Faced with the dilemma of buying a gift a few months ago, I thought I was going to drive myself crazy. It was for a great friend who was expecting her first grandbaby and even though I wasn’t that close to the mother, it had to be special. I went days saying OK that’s it and then changing my mind, for the reasons stated earlier. Then as I was scanning the ever empowering internet, it hit me. Yeah sure, OK it just so happens it coincidentally hit me the same time I did a Google search and it came up But hey, I played it off as if it was my idea.

Think about it, mobiles will outlast the clothes, the diapers, blankets, and probably even the gift card. Then the best part of all is we know that music soothes the savage beast right? Well guess what, it works on babies too! So double bonus mom gets some time to relax and not have to rock the baby to sleep, and baby gets everything from a circus movie, to talking animals, depending on which one you get. Now deciding which one. that’s a whole different ball game.


One Would Think Deciding What To Get Is the Hard Part

OOOps wrong again. Trying to figure out which mobile to get is like deciding which kind of coffee I want at Starbucks, (you know the one you hate to be behind in line). They have projection mobiles, musical mobiles, ones with zoo animals, monkeys, Mickey Mouse, sports, frogs, butterflies, airplanes, bugs, flowers, moons and stars, etc ahhhhh. So trying to figure out which one the baby would like was the hardest part. So I did what any red blooded American female would do, which was pick the one I liked the best. Of course, it had to do a little bit of everything, but it was worth it. To watch that baby girl gaze at it in just total awe is priceless. Some of them are just so beautiful and peaceful I almost wanted to get one for me. Then I realized when I had company they would know it was time to have me committed, (instead of just thinking it) so I decided to wait :)

So if your looking for a baby shower gift, or something for the new arrival to the neighborhood, and want to hear the thank you so much for months to come. Just get a mobile. Next time I won’t even have to think twice, and already know which one I’ll pick

Have an incredible day.

PS In case you want to get one for yourself they can be taken down very easily, especially the projection mobiles, (just kidding):)


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