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12 Things People Don't Tell You About Being A SAHM

Updated on May 7, 2015

For many families, having a stay at home mother is not an option. This could be the case for many different reasons. So, those of us who are lucky enough to have that opportunity should cherish it, right?....RIGHT! We definitely should, and we do! But, there are so many things that come with being a stay at home mom that you never take the time to think about.

1. The Pay

If you quit a previous job to stay home, I'm sure that you knew that your salary or hourly wage would completely disappear! This is the main reason that most families do not have a stay at home mother. Simple because, they can't afford it. But here's what you are not taking into consideration: we do get paid! We do not earn an hourly wage, but we get paid in love. We get to watch our children grow and accomplish milestones. We will be there for the first time they sit, crawl, stand, walk, talk, and everything else! We may not be able to become "rich" off of what we get paid, but we earn so much more than any amount of money could buy us!

2. No Alone Time

“(24/7) once you sign on to be a mother, that's the only shift they offer.” ― Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult says it perfectly. You are working 24/7! The only amounts of alone time that you will get on a daily basis, are nap time and bedtime.

3. Children Are Messy!

I'm sure that everyone knows that children are messy. But you have no idea exactly how messy they are until you spend a solid 24 hours with them. Generally with a 2 year old you have food on the table, food on clothing, food on chairs, food on fingers, toothpaste on the sink, at least one dirty diaper, and toys all over the living room..and that's just before lunch time.


4. You Never Stop Moving

You are constantly on the move. You're chasing after a little person, who is practically a little tornado. Children can make messes that you would never believe, they can get stuck in the tiniest places, and they constantly want or need something. By the time you clean up the breakfast mess, the living room is going to need cleaned, then you're going to have to make lunch, then you're going to have to clean up the mess they made WHILE you were making lunch. It's a never ending cycle.

5. You Are Going To Feel Overwhelmed

Even with just one child, being a stay at home mother can be overwhelming. You will be overwhelmed with the crying, and the whining, and once again, the messes. But hang in there, mama! Kindergarten will roll around soon enough!

6. You Will Know Every Cartoon

Whether your child watches Sprout, Disney, or Nickelodeon; you will too! On a daily basis I hear myself singing the theme songs to Bubble Guppies and Caillou, hours after my children have gone to bed.

7. Nap Time Will Be Your Favorite Time

Like I said earlier, nap time will be your only free time. Eventually you will find yourself counting down the minutes until nap time rolls around. And if you're lucky, your child will be a long napper! You'd think that this is your time to relax. You want to sit down and have some tea, read a book, and even take a nap yourself! But in reality, you know that you're going to clean the kitchen, do some laundry, and check on your kid at least 10 times.

8. Leaving The House By Yourself Is a Treat

Leaving the house with children, it's usually a nightmare! But the minute you step out of the house by yourself, it's a dream come true! Even if you just get to take the garbage out, those 2 minutes to yourself are the best!

9. You'll Find Yourself Doing The Weirdest Things

Children have quite the imaginations! Just last week my daughter said, "mommy, let's pretend you're a dinosaur and I have to catch you." So there I was running around the living room making pterodactyl noises.

Which isn't as weird as last week when I had to unclog a toilet filled with crayons and A SALT SHAKER!

10. Kids Really Do Say The Darndest Things

Let me just recap a few:

"Mommy, this is my tv, so we aren't going to watch big people shows on it."

"The puppy is hubbing, (humping,) my pillow again."

"I would really like for you to leave now so I can do things without getting in trouble."

11. It Will Change The Way You Talk

Since there will be very minimal adult interaction on a daily basis, you will find your vocab changing from adult words, to mostly words a child will understand. Your tone will also change, since parents tend to talk in a higher pitched voice to their children.

12. You Will Form An Irreplaceable Bond

Since you are your child's primary care provider, they will really become attached to you. You are literally their everything. You are their cook, their maid, their chauffeur, but most importantly, you are their mommy. Being a stay at home mom is not just a job title, it is also the best gift that you will ever be rewarded with.


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    • nmcguire7 profile image

      Nicholl McGuire 

      3 years ago from Los Angeles County

      Yes been through it all! So nice when they are in school, now YOU finally begins (at least part-time anyway--lol). Absolutely love the peace, so much so that I don't waste it on TV or talking on the phone if I can help it. One of my "To Dos" was a book I wrote "When Mothers Cry." Thanks for writing this Hub!


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