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Who's Better with the Kids? Mom or Dad?

Updated on June 20, 2014

Would you choose Mom or Dad?

Who's Better with the Kids: Mom or Dad? Who's parenting style is better? Ripped from the headlines of the Wall Street Journal, this page is asking the big question: Who's better with the kids? Does Dad or Mom make the better parent?

70.1 million fathers celebrate Father's Day in 2011. Father's play a definite and different role in society and with their children. Do you ever see authoritative mothers and cuddling fathers? Of course you do, but studies do show definite pattern breaks in the overall interaction between mother and child and father and child.

What do you think about all this? Here's a chance for you to give a shout about who's the best and why.

Comfort versus Authority - Parenting styles differ but is one better?

The great debate over parenting styles still rages. Even the way a mom cradles or holds her child differs from dad. Here are just a few ways that dads handle kids differently from moms.

  1. Talk - Dads speech is different from mom's.
  2. Dad's handle minor injuries in a different way.
  3. Mom's facilitate more while Dad's encourage persistence in solving problems.
  4. Moms try reason while Dad's either direct or distract kids when the behavior is in question.

YOUR TURN! Is it Mom or Dad? - Parenting styles tend to differ between moms and dads.

Mom's tend to be all about comfort, self-esteem, and nurturing. Dad's lean to a more authoritarian style and encourage independence.

Mom or Dad?

Who Was YOUR Better Parent? - Does personal experience with parents trumps studies?

What's your personal experience? Was dad or mom the better parent?

Who had better parenting skills in your family?

Last Chance for Your Final Say! - Lay it on me. :)

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    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 6 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      I agree with Rich. Plus, each parent brings their own set of parentlng skills to the child-parent relationships, and, especially in the case of the 'first-born' child, parents often have to learn-as-they-go. :-) We do the best we can, in most cases.

    • Richard-H profile image

      Richard 6 years ago from Surrey, United Kingdom

      Difficult to make choices here, but I believe that relationships between fathers and daughters as opposed to mothers and sons have some significance when it come to parenting skills.