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Best Gifts for Catholic Children

Updated on October 4, 2014

The best gifts available for Catholic Children

Are you struggling to find a good gift for a Catholic Child from ages 1 to 12? These days it is hard to find something faith related that will not gather dust somewhere. I spend a lot of time looking for gifts to help Catholic children (including my own) grow in their faith. Many of us don't have access to Catholic book stores or shops, so please bookmark this page and take advantage of the great gifts below. God Bless you!

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Lego Rosary - A Rosary Custom made for you from real Lego Bricks

Millions of children love legos, and now you can get them a durable rosary made from them.  Genius!
Millions of children love legos, and now you can get them a durable rosary made from them. Genius!

Sister Mary Clara Doll

Wee Believers "Fr. Juan Pablo" Doll

This is a very high quality stuffed Vocation Doll, complete with a sturdy book about vocation stories. My son really loves this toy.

Skiff & AJ's Fantastic Voyage Animated DVD

This is a really well done Pro-Life Computer animated cartoon. There are lots of references for the adults from Star Trek etc. It does a great job showing the development of a baby in utero, while having fun at the same time. We love Veggie Tales, but it is nice to have something that is fully Catholic as well. Highly Recommended!

Skiff & AJ's Fantastic Voyage
Skiff & AJ's Fantastic Voyage

Very funny, and very pro-life!


"The Weight of a Mass" Storybook

This is a beautifully illustrated book about the importance of the Mass, I would recommend it to any child.

Wee Believers "My Mass Kit"

This is a soft but sturdy Mass kit, so your kids can play Mass at home! This is a bit expensive, but will last for many years, as it is very high quality.

"Angel in the Waters" book

This is a great storybook for younger children, with touching illustrations. An average of 5 stars on Amazon, great gift!

Angel in the Waters
Angel in the Waters

Great illustrations, lovely story about the relationship between an unborn child and their guardian angel.


"Confession" App by Little i Apps

"Confession" App by Little i Apps
"Confession" App by Little i Apps

"Confession" iPhone App

This would be a creative gift for a child who already has a Smart phone. The confession app guides you through the process of confession, and will provide a customized examination of conscience, as well as a reminder for when you should consider going again. Find out more through the link!

Cat Chat Audio CD - Includes an audio story, along with upbeat original songs!

My kids love these, and they are great for the car. They are entertaining and teach kids about our Catholic faith at the same time. Get the whole set!

Glory Stories Audio CD

Glory Stories Audio CD - Professionally produced audio stories of the Saints!

My kids love listening to these stories about real saints, great for the car. Get the whole set!

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