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Britax Marathon 70 G3 Car Seat - Compare Prices, Read My View, and Get Some Tips

Updated on June 13, 2013

Why I Love My Marathon

Did you ever notice how some kids hate car seats while others love them?

One of my kids used to feel so comfortable in his car seat that he would fall asleep as soon as we got in the car. The other would cry the second he got into his seat, and continue to cry until we took him out.

Now, obviously you can't change the way your kids are. But you CAN control the external factors. That's why I always wanted a car seat that would be as comfortable as possible without compromising on safety.

Britax car seats are my favorite because they are known for having the best of both worlds. They are safe. And they are comfortable.

In this lens I want to talk about the Marathon, because it is one of my favorite Britax seats. I'll also point you to special deals you can get. I know because I've been following the Britax discounts for quite a while.

How To Keep Baby From Crying In The Car Seat

Photo courtesy of memekode

Try these tips:

  1. Make sure your baby is not over-heated
  2. Make sure the straps are not too tight
  3. Try a mobile hanging over the seat
  4. Sing and talk to your baby
  5. Hang a mirror so baby can see themselves
  6. Take a photo of your face, enlarge it, and stick it on the seat where baby can see it
  7. If all fails, keep car rides to a minimum until your baby gets older

How to tell if your baby is uncomfortable

First of all, check for seat or a flushed face

Babies often overheat in the car. I can't tell you how many times I took my baby out of my car seat and noticed he was sweating, even when I was not hot. So check your baby to make sure he or she is not sweating!

Next check the straps

You should be able to slide one finger between the straps and your baby's body. If the straps are too tight, it will hurt your baby and he or she will cry!

Safety Is The Most Important Thing

Please keep in mind that safety is the most important thing in a car seat.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends you read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before you install your seat. Make sure to follow the guidelines on how to secure the seat, adjust the harness, and keep your child safe!

Accessories that will make driving more pleasant for everyone

Zoo Mobile Car Seat Toy
Zoo Mobile Car Seat Toy

Use this for younger babies to look at while travelling. This will keep them happy for short periods of time as they study the hanging dolls.

Britax Car Seat Storage Pouch
Britax Car Seat Storage Pouch

Use this for older kids to keep toys and books in. It will keep them busy throughout the ride.

Britax Back Seat Mirror
Britax Back Seat Mirror

Here's a mirror that will allow you to see your baby. Use it to make sure he is not too hot or otherwise uncomfortable.

Britax Head and Body Support Pillow, Iron/Gray
Britax Head and Body Support Pillow, Iron/Gray

This is the ultimate comfort. Even though Britax seats are comfy to begin with, this will make it even more likely your baby will drift off to sleep while in the car.


Please Share Your Experience - How do you keep your baby happy in the car?

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    • jeffdavy profile image

      jeffdavy 4 years ago

      The mobile above the car seat was a good way for my children, just chatting to them also worked. Playing games like eye spy. These days you cant keep them quite :-)

    • estellaeffects lm profile image

      estellaeffects lm 4 years ago

      My daughter hated car seats, absolutely hated them.

    • Belva Boggs profile image

      Belva Boggs 4 years ago

      I only wish I knew you could buy a car seat cover when my kids were little. It would have saved me so much time taking the whole thing a part to wash it.

      My biggest tip - buy a car seat cover that you can take off and wash easily! It will keep your new car seat looking like new longer because let's face it - kids are messy!