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Buy school bags online: buying a school backpack

Updated on May 9, 2015

There are a few things you should consider when buying a school bag for your children. A school back-pack should be both fashionable and durable in the same time, with a reasonable price of course. A hiking rucksack, on the other hand should be large enough and strong enough!

Below you will find a number of wonderful school backpacks of different designs, colors, prices and for different ages, too. Most of these bags are great for carrying books for school, college, university, or traveling. Before considering a bag, try to decide: Am I buying this bag just to carry my books or do I want a versatile bag that can be used for other purposes as well?

High Sierra backpacks : style and comfort

Sporty, fashionable and designed for performance. High Sierra backpacks are also famous for their designs and the largeĀ  multi-compartments that can store many things from books to sport tools, plenty of room in these bags!. Great stylish bags at a price you can afford.

The bags weigh 1-2 pounds and are available in many colours to choose from. Contain MP3 player pockets with headphone ports and other pockets for glasses or any accessories.

Check the special offers available on the High Sierra backpacks and save money with the big discounts and free shipping offers!.

One bag for everything: the JAM Brooklyn backpack

This is my personal favourite bag that I carry during most of my travels. It is available through the UK version of Amazon. This bag is absolutely sturdy as a rock with its jacquard fabric that can live for years and years through rough weather/circumstances. It is also perfect for a laptop, and mind you, my laptop is not a small one! It is large enough for a 17 inch screen laptop with a special padded section.

The bag can also carry lots of other stuff such as books, Ipad, phone, charger and even clothes and personal stuff. It is perfect for short trips and travels. There is also a small compartment at the front for a phone or travel tickets and 2 little pockets on the sides for water bottles or a small umbrella. The back of the bag is also well padded which is really good for your back during traveling and the handle is strong and also padded. The price is great for the value.

What are the disadvantages? It is a bit heavier and larger than your average school bag. So if you only need a bag for a few books to go to school this might be more than you need (check the other bags on this page). If you need a heavy duty bag for your laptop, travels, college or school books and other stuff, this is the best one for you.

Mountain Warehouse: sturdy, light and cool!

This is another bag I personally use on a weekly basis. This is a bag designed for a specific purpose which it serves perfectly. It is one of the lightest bags I used yet it is durable. It has multiple pockets which help you organize your items and has got reflective piping for visibility in the dark.

Great for school books and light traveling. I wouldn't use it for a small laptop unless you try to protect it with books or clothes as a cushion. It is also a relatively small bag so check the size of your items and compare it to the bag's size before considering it. This pretty rucksack is available in different nice colors as well.

JanSport Backpacks

JanSport backpacks has been known worldwide for their quality and cool designs. The bags are available in many colors (the ones to the right are just examples) you can check them out and choose the color that suits you. The bags are large inside for the books and the front pockets can hold many stuff.

These bags are both durable and stylish and comes with a very good price, too. Can be used as school backpacks, some can also be used in travelling, hiking, etc.

They come with handy sleeves, fully padded back panels with molded foam cushioning pods for comfort (easy on the shoulders) ,ventillation and keeping it dry all day. Some of the bags has 1 compartment, 2 compartments with multiple pockets.

There is a large collection of backpacks available from JanSport, all functionable, handy and stylish, check all the designs and compare between the prices, designs and size of the bags to get what you need.

Also, read the customers reviews (people who have bought this product) and see what they liked and disliked about each one, this helps alot in deciding which one is the best for you.

Wheeled Backpacks

Wheels can make your life easier. If you (or your kid) usually carries heavy books, wheels will get this off your shoulders.

The first one also comes with many compartments, additional compartments for water bottles and calculators, and as you can see the price is just okay.

They can be used for carrying books, laptops and clothes, very useful for heavy weights. Make sure you will be able o use the wheels, for example these bags are not the best for camping or if you are going to the desert! also, don't use the wheels if you have a laptop inside on a bumpy road.


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