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My Childhood Memories

Updated on October 30, 2021
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Linda Hahn is an excellent writer and a passable researcher! She has a blog, too!

My Brother Matt Hahn

A Romp Through My Youth

I remember that Great-grandma didn't like kids and chased us with a broom. Although she looked serious as hell, we laughed like little maniacs while we were running. That's family ties for you. Children should be seen and not heard might have been the issue.

When we played cowboys and Indians, we made the neighbor kids be the cowboys. We only wanted to be Indians.

This is my brother Matt. He is sanding a box that he made for me the last time I was home.

Ok then.

Pink Panther Cartoon

Old Ways in the Old Days - Best of Childhood

  1. Summertime was wonderful and seemed to go on forever.
  2. The bookmobile is the finest invention ever created by mankind.
  3. Foxes, dogs, cats, animals were everywhere, both domestic and wild.
  4. We constantly went exploring, in the woods, in the fields, and in the creeks.
  5. We called underwear "panty poops".
  6. Laughing to the hurting point.
  7. Playing, that's what kids should be doing.
  8. Earth was cleaner, and the water and air were cleaner too.
  9. Excellent music was what we had, rock and roll forever!

Betty & Sean

This is my sister, Betty, and my nephew, Sean. We all grew up in snow country, but I left quick as could be. And I really don't miss the snow!

Ohio in the wintertime is very cold; some people believe that harsh weather can age a person. Personally, I prefer the low 80s as a base temperature.

Woody Woodpecker Collection

The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection
The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection
We watched this when we were young. I can even now hear Woody Woodpecker's insane laughter.

David Hahn Fire Marshall

David Hahn, My Brother
David Hahn, My Brother

Lazy Days of Summer

My brothers and sisters were the best part of childhood. Even now I laugh harder with them than with anyone else.

David and I got in trouble when we were just toddlers really. We started the most beautiful little fire out behind the garage. Grandma saw the smoke and shut us down.

These are 2 of my nieces, Kelly and Jeanie, Tim's girls.

Kelly & Jeanie

My Brother, Tim Hahn

My Brother, Tim Hahn
My Brother, Tim Hahn

Cartoons Are King - Best Cartoons Ever

A huge part of my childhood was spent watching cartoons. Roadrunner was my favorite.

Rose & Jake

Following The Big Kids

We hero worshipped the big kids. Cool is what they were, riding bikes and making wisecracks. Aunt Barb read adventure poems to us that I still remember today. My cousin Bob let me read his Mad Magazine.

These two would also appropriate the only two swings we had. And the swing set was ours, but we got to hang out with them, so it was absolutely worth it.

This is my sister, Rosalie, and her grandson, Jake. I am so lucky to have a big family. Absolutely blessed.

© 2011 Linda Hahn


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