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Nursery Furniture - Top Baby Changing Table Dresser

Updated on September 1, 2011

A changing table dresser is a beautiful piece of nursery furniture - practical as well as decorative. They're also one of the most popular furniture items to purchase for a nursery, after a babies crib.

They're a multi-functional addition, allowing for a safe and comfortable diaper change for baby and you, as well as being great for additional storage of associated diaper and baby paraphernalia.

At Amazon, you can choose from among contemporary designs, traditional dressers, as well as various different colors and materials. Most moms that already have one installed couldn't imagine life without one - which is the best endorsement for any prospective buyer.

A changing table dresser is pretty much a prerequisite piece of nursery furniture. Most modern-day moms have one installed in their babies nursery, simply because they reduce the effort involved with diaper changing.

They're built at a comfortable standing height, allow for efficient diaper changes, as well as enable you to keep eye contact and interact with your baby. They're also built for comfort with baby in mind, most having a changing pad and changing pad cover included.

They come in a variety of styles and colors and Amazon have such a great collection, there's bound to be one to suit all tastes and nursery d├ęcor. Changing table dressers are a step up from a standard changing table, in that they're designed for more than just a diaper change.

They tend to have either closed cupboard storage or drawers, which provide plenty of extra storage for diapers, clothing and various other baby related bits and pieces.

A changing table top dresser is simply a changing pad, cover and wooden surround that sits on top of a standard dresser. They lack the need for self-assembly and providing you have something that the changing top will match/fit, you've got yourself an inexpensive nursery solution.

This one's great for those that may already have a dresser and don't want to run to the expense of purchasing a whole new dresser. A lovely choice and a great money-saving purchase.

Those looking for a black changing table dresser will find that they give a contemporary appearance - which is likely the reason for the purchase of this particular color. The one featured to the right is the best selling overall.

It features three large drawers, a changing table top, one changing pad, safety strap and safety rails. It's manufactured out of solid pine and composite wood (backs/drawer bases etc) and is also available in White, Cherry, Espresso and Ebony. A great way to add a modern edge to any nursery.

Most of the changing table furniture will either fall into the dresser category or the changing station type. Those that are looking to spend less or are mindful of a budget may well be better opting for a standard changing table.

They can be as useful and functional as a changing table dresser, though they will lack some of the extra storage space. Plus they tend towards shelves rather than cupboard space, meaning you'll have to be a little tidier with diaper related items, as the storage area is exposed.

A white changing table dresser will always give a clean, fresh and hygienic look to a nursery.The best selling one is the Delta Saint Martin. It's a basic dresser, clean, unfussy, lacking drawers but still comes with two spacious shelves.

The changing pad and safety strap are included in the price and overall it's an elegant piece of nursery furniture. It's highly functional, the white gives it that all important appeal of freshness whilst the design makes it a stylish choice, especially for budget conscious parents.

If you're wanting a cheap changing table dresser, the one featured to the the right is one of the cheapest. Despite the price tag it's a lovely nursery piece and you can't go wrong for under 100 dollars.

Again it lacks the drawers of some of the more expensive pieces but what it lacks it more than makes up for in build quality, storage space and style. It comes with a five year warranty and the cherry wood finish makes this one a timeless choice. A beautiful changing table and highly recommended due to the price, quality and appeal.


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