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Children Cosplay!

Updated on July 17, 2015

Homemade children and baby cosplay costumes.

Cosplay costumes for little ones are an awesome sight to see, don't you agree? But don't you also agree that it sometimes can be quiet expensive if the right deal is not searched for? Well... in the comfort of your own home you can make your own homemade cosplay costumes for your little ones. For an experience sewer, it's as simple as 1-2-3 but for the newbies anything is possible with the determination.

Homemade cosplay costumes under 100 bucks!

Personally, for the very first time I have sewn my kids their own cosplay costumes base on images off video game books and online images. I have also sewn a full ninja outfit for an adult. I sewed 4 cosplay costumes within 6 hours before the actually going out time. With a simple sewing machine and a lot of help from heavy fabric glue (to sew all of the small stuff together, such as the eyes, trimmers, and designs) you can to make your own cosplay costumes. Trust me when I say, it all cost me under 100 bucks from the fabric section at Wal-Mart on the clearance fabric section. And I barely sew; I just know how to use a sewing machine. Kupo and there you go!

Yes my husband and I are Final Fantasy fans!

For my son's Tarutaru cosplay outfit I actually cheat-cheat with buying an all green pant from the infant section at Wal-Mart. He lost his red ribbon along the way. Fabric for him was even cheaper because he was small and I only bought a small piece of ribbon as well. I would have to say the round up for it would be something like this:

1 yard green stretchy fabric (clearance section): $4.00

Green pant (infant): $5.00

½ yard red ribbon: $1.50

Gold trimming roll (cheapest one): $3.00

Fabric Glue: $3.00

And time to sew everything together and homemade sketch of wanted image.


For my daughter's Whitemage outfit I half way went all out and cheat-cheat. As everyone can see she is special needs so her comfort comes first, so I bought her an all white sweat outfit at Wal-mart as well. Then I only got brown fabric and sheer blue fabric for the trimmings. I cut long rectangles of all sizes from the blue and brown fabric and blue triangles and used fabric glue to attach to the whole outfit. I would have to say the round up for it would be something like this:

White sweat outfit (children section): 12.00

2 yard brown fabric for her outfit and my son's outfit (clearance): $6.00

1 yard sheer blue fabric (clearance): $4.00

Fabric Glue for all the kids: $3.00

Make Your Own Cosplay Costumes Guide!


For my daughter’s Chocobo cosplay I was not able to cheat-cheat so I went all out, LOL! I would have to say this one was the easiest one of them all. I drew an oblong circle on the yellow fleece fabric that would be about my daughter’s size then made it 2 inches wider on all sides on the circle. I made four pieces of yellow fabric for this and wings. I also got cotton stuffing’s to make it look puffy. And I just winged the whole costume and created as I go… I would have to say the round up for it would be something like this:

2 yard yellow fleece (no clearance as there was none): $10.00

½ yard orange fleece (crafting section): $0.90

½ yard white fleece (crafting section): $0.90

½ yard black fleece (crafting section): $0.90

Cotton stuffing (cheapest one): $5.00

Fabric Glue for all the kids: $3.00

Blackmage: Vivi.

For my sister's Blackmage cosplay outfit I was not able to cheat-cheat ALSO so I went all out, LOL! This would rank my most complicated outfit to make because of the long strip pieces sewn together to make the yellow and blue pant. I would have to say the round up for it would be something like this:

1 yard satin blue fabric (clearance): $5.00

1 yard satin yellow fabric (clearance): $5.00

2 yard yellow fleece (no clearance as there was none): $10.00 _LEFT OVER FROM CHOCOBO OUTFIT_

2 pieces of ½ yard black fleece: $0.90 each (for shoe covers)

1 yard flowy dark blue fabric (clearance): $3.00 (tie ends together to make cape)

Fabric Glue for all the kids: $3.00

She wore her own inside out navy blue t-shirt.

Ninja Outfit.

For the Ninja outfit (not shown) I used an unused dark blue bed sheet and left over sheer blue fabric from my daughter's Whitemage outfit. I took my sister's Kung-Fu outfit (or if you have Karate outfit) and made a copy of that and sewed together. I left all the inside trimming alone as nobody will see the inside of the cosplay outfit. I cut very long strip of 1 inch string from the bed sheet to do the wrappings around the arms. As an Asian, I already have a pointy rice hat so we spray painted it black. You can make your own face mask or go without one.

Is it cheaper to making your own cosplay costumes that only you have?

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What do you think about making your own cosplay costumes?

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    • pajnhiaj profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks! I think anyone can create anything they want if they put their minds and heart into it. :)

    • Showpup LM profile image

      Showpup LM 

      7 years ago

      Cute costumes. I wish I was gifted with the ability to create things like that.


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